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What a fantastic car....


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Took mine out for a long blast this w.e


A weeks withdrawal symptoms blasted away.... what a love affair ! must be the best £for£ fast sports car lotus have ever built. 


that is all..... 

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I drove mine to Brands Hatch and back yesterday.


Worst traffic ever on the M25. Came off and took the A25 round to Guildford instead. Mostly tedious trudge behind slow grannies through 30 and 40 mph zones. What a total waste of a race spec car.


Then I reached the road up the hill towards Newlands Corner. For once, not a car insight. Sweet Jesus! That one will stay with me for quite a while. The startling part was how much more there was to come. It was then a blast down the A3 in the dwindling light. Slowed right down in that new tunnel, opened the windows, 2nd gear to the redline, straight into 3rd, V6 shrieking, ripping the cool air with demented fury. Absolutely magic.

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lol...had a v12v chasing me about (not for long mind lol)... wont go into details but by the look on his face i should imagine its up for sale this week.... i think that chap now knows the v6 isnt the cheeky whipper snapper upstart that he thought it was.


wont go into the 2 911 owners out with their girlfriends whose weekends i ruined :) 


juvenile stuff but all done in 'the best possible taste'... 


seriously though, what do you replace this car with????? £for£ there's nothing like it. 

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bibs, i am having serious thoughts about a full drag ford popular with a cut and lowered roof sc chevy and a roll cage for noncing about in london this summer....


bumped into an old (must have been 75) cockney out with one that had broken down in islington he was driving it about in an old moth eaten woolly jumper, legend!  


just fell in love w the thing. very interesting cur nut with an interesting history as it would happen :)  


coolest car i have seen for a long time. maybe someone on here knows him?

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I have developed a pavlovian response to the Lotus canoe smell.


Just getting a waft when I open the door of my car can quicken my pulse. That and some drooling.

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