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Hi Alex, Yes they do as I have them fitted to

my V8 (mine was the first to be fitted with them). I had them on for nearly 8 years now. A noticeable improvement but one word of advise with the rears, the pads either have to be ground down a bit or thinner pads ordered for them to fit the existing Brembo single caliper. I've only just last week had my rear pads fitted and the new thinner pads just went it. They slightly caught the discs but now they are bedding in, they aren't catching now. The reason for the above is that OEM disc is approx 22mm thick but new disc is either 30mm or 32mm, so standard Esprit pads won't go in!

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I've got a brand new set of front and rear (thin) red stuff pads available:  DP3002C and DP3885/2C.

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Hi, I purchased Elise (thinner pads) and used one in each caliper with an Esprit pad.

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