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Cam Belt Tensioner - Replace?

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PS - Does anyone know how to decide if the belt tensioner needs replacing?

I've seen the youtube on changing the cambelt part 1/2/3.


My tensioner looks a little pitted but not much.


I'm tempted to leave it in place as it is not clear when buying a replacement what you get.

It seems that you get the bearing and that would mean pressing out the old centre to put into the new bearing.


The prices seem all over the place.


New bearing £23 but a bearing kit £69 that seems to include not much more extra than an earth lead and nylon bush - seems a lot for £46!


If there is no noise, play and just minor pitting would you say that I stick with what I have.

Presumably, a bit of pitting may cause a little more wear on the new belt. But as I only clock 1,000 per annum it seems to make little difference to me?


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Simple - if you're changing the belt, change the tensioner.  It's economic common sense.

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Hi there , Make sure you are looking at the correct part ,the nylon bushes and earth wire are for the early models

LC engines ,I think the HC is a press fit onto an eccentric shaft

As for changing, put that down to having peace of mind at what cost !

Cheers  Ian

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I took the advice of a helpful man who answered the phone at SJS.

As I don't have a vice or the tools to fit a new bearing, he suggested that I check the old tensioner bearing first.


His advice was to check if the old one spins freely and makes no noise or resistance.

Mine thankfully was fine, it must have been replaced previously, there was just a small amount of surface tarnish that he suggested should be rubbed away with extra fine paper. 


The paperwork that came with my car suggested the belt hadn't been done for 7-10 years, but probably within the last 10,000 miles as the car was seldom used. The old belt seemed to still be in reasonable once I took them off, but I'm much happier now its all be done.


I did have 2 attepts to get the tension right, my first attempt was too tight. It was OK while idling, but when I took it for a drive there was a distinct whine when accelerating. I slackened it off a bit a things are perfect. The lesson here is don't put your bonnet back on until you've taken it for a quick drive around the block first to be sure things are good.

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