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Headlight Not Popping Up

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Hi to All,


Lottie's been out of storage since 1st May, fared better this winter than last years, garage stayed drier this time, roof leaked so paint worked not brill, however problem is the the nearside headlamp refuses to come up. There was a excellent explanation on the Forum a couple of years ago ( might be three years ago ) (might even have been on the old forum)  how the lift motors operated, have spent the last two hours looking for it on the Forum, have used the search facility as well lots on Esprit's but not on the eclat. Any one got a copy or got any ideas where I should start to look, relays are clicking away under the dash and in the off-side light pod.


Lenny is also coming on hope to get the interior finished this weekend then its just the drivers door to put back on, will post some up to-date pics later.


Regards to all John 


PS got a six day old chick running over the key board as I'm typing this, dont ask saves embarrassing answers.    


Dunc, if your around kids more than welcome to see her.                   

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Could be the diode in the wheelbox? I think the guide you are looking for is the TVR guide as their wedges also used the tr7 lucas motor. Try googleing for TVR 390 headlight motor, or 350.


I have a spare motor if you want to test the circuit Will give you a call Sun/Mon.

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Thanks for the pointer, down loaded and understood, little job for the weekend if I find the time, would be interested in seeing the wheel box on your spare motor, will be at my aunts over the weekend give me a ring and I will pop in some time.


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Hi to all,


Spent a couple of hours this afternoon striping out the lift motor from the nearside, gave the brass strip a good clean up and its all working, diodes tested OK in both directions, forward and reverse bias. You can see on the left hand side of the strip its fairly tarnished, cleaned it with some emery cloth. All OK.





Spent a couple of hours working on Lenny this morning as well, Got the drivers seat in at last, have also included a pic of the interior, its come out fairly well considering the state it was in 3 years ago. Just the door to put back on now.






Regards to all, John

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