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Coat one side of the sheet and a band 1" wide on the revers side. Cover all of the liner, and a corresponding 1" band  on the sheet.

Carefully stand the sheet vertically on one edge about 1" in from the edge of the liner and lift the 1" strip of liner and stick it to the sheet. Lie the sheet down and pull the liner tight and bring it down onto the sheet, use a paint roller to make sure of the bond.

mark the centre of the back edge of the sheet and put a corresponding mark on the rear window both with masking tape.

coat the upper side of the sheet and the roof.

Climb into the back of the car and lie on your back with the sheet above you, carefully line the marks up and push the sheet into place.

more later






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A posts are a problem, there is a piece of quite soft plastic foam in front of the roll bar tube to fill the space between it and the inside of the windscreen, the liner also reaches down to the dash.

i cut the liner and painted the adhesive onto the A posts and the liner,  let it go off and then paint new adhesive into the gap between the a post and the glass, you will get it on the glass but dont worry. Push the liner into the space using a plastic pusher while the adhesive is still wet when you are happy wrap the liner round the post. You will be covering the rear edge with the door seal.

if you have to replace the rectangular finishers tha fit round the seatbelts, you are going to have to remove the belts, however if you take care, you can cut through the long side with a piercing saw fit it round the belt and then glue the gap,with Araldite.

you may have trouble fitting the rear cant rails, these have two clips that  are almost impossible to locate and then break. In desperation I carefully applied a dollop of builders expanding foam to both brackets and to the inside of the rail moulding, put the rail in position and held it down here while the foam cured, it works!

good luck to all trying to do this, with care you will get a good result, your investment in material is not excessive so if all fails, you have just spent your time.


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