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Carpets - specalist or lotus? ( I maybe selling the esprit ) - Esprit Chat - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Jump to content

Carpets - specalist or lotus? ( I maybe selling the esprit )


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I changed them on my Turbo Esprit and I'm halfway through changing to black on our S4s, using a SJ sportscars set. They are generously sized so you can trim them down for a good fit. I used high temp spray adhesive, not the brush on stuff SJ sell.

Just take your time and it's quite a simple job.


One thing I should mention is we were quoted 3 weeks delivery from SJ, actually took 6 weeks.

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Just got some samples from coverdale .. Looking at buying the blenheim range at £21 per running meter and using the old carpets as templates..


Believe it or not, no one sells grey automotive grade carpet in Malta :/

Vin Taylor

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Got my set from Coverdale and am very happy with it.  You can specify the colour of the edge binding/handbrake gaiter.

Hi Neil

Did you have any photos of the replacement job? Did the set include the boot or just the cabin?

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I got the top of the range one, but the mid range option seemed pretty good from the samples. The cheap one felt a bit nasty. Boot carpets not included, but they did include pieces for the quarter light panels, took me ages to work out what they were.

I have photos, will post when i'm back from work trip.

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Those don't look too bad Neil. :thumbup:

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Thanks ramjet, was hard work in the pedal box but took years off the "patina".

Jacques, the slots and handbrake gaiter are vinyl, like the edging. Worth asking them if they can do them in leather, they make to order and are helpful on the phone.

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