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Just received a Eclat in part exchange:

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Hi Guys, just taken a Eclat in part exchange... I have to give him £2k for it but looked on line and think that was cheap.

Its been dry stored for years and the guy spent thousands on a company turning the 2.2 into a 2.5 and rebuilding the engine to have a big increase in power and torque. The car has 84k and drives pretty well.

No tax or mot but think other than tyres and a few pennies it could pass easy enough.

So, just wondering did I buy something I'm gonna struggle to sell or did I get a bargain?

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The engine could be worth more than that 2nd hand to the right person, so yes you got a good buy. I'm sure Lotusbits quote several times more to build you one from scratch.


Let's have some pictures then!

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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I'm still trying to do my Esprit up and meant to be selling all my cars not gaining more. Will get some pics tomorrow guys.

Its silver - someone previously has body coloured the bonnet vent, and bumpers which I think looks pants. So will get them back to black.

Didn't realise how rare they was

So will probably shift it on for what it owes me - he's handed me a lower front splitter which is meant to b rare too

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A silver one from Wales with a refurbed, but mouse damaged interior and a Spyder chassis (red painted with surface rust)?


If it is the same car, it was once a magazine featured car, but was allowed to become a bit scruffy and had been off the road for a while. If it is the same car, no mention was made of it having a 2.5 when it was offered by its long term owner 12 months ago.


Could be an entirely co-incidental and a different car however?

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Hi Dunc, most probably the same car.... All the interior was taken out and put in the boot when it come in. But all seems to be there. I wasn't told anything about it being magazine feature only told about the engine. I didn't get to meet the guy personally he did a deal with my body shop who was gonna restore it fully. But they was too buy and new I liked my lotus so I took it on. The engine does look like lots has been done though so I can only assume he was tellin the truth.I didn't get much paperwork sadly.

So got one of the lads giving it some love and restoring it as much as possible now... Not spending loads though so its not going to look show condition again while in my hands... Thats a job for the next guy

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