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OK so whats best


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Hi guys, well looks like the S3 is going off to her next provider of TLC and seems like I am soon to be the TLC supplier to a very tidy looking SE Chargecooler. Both deals are done and we are all happy, it's just the wait that's the pain. As most of you know through my various posting's I tend to go for the older model's as in the S3, The Eclat, The Elite etc so the SE will be a bit alien to me. She is presently owned by a long time member of TLF so my question's have to be.


Whay are the biggest concerns with SE.

Handling comparisons to the S3

Running cost's although not that bothered.

Achilies heel.


Responses will be greatly appreciated.

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The SE and the S4 are seperate models. I'm guessing you're assuming the models following the S3 are the S4 but it didn't work like that, the S4 didn't come out until 1993 and the interim model with chargecooler is the SE (Special Equipment).


I'm guessing this is Mike Brewer's car anyway, so that's definitely an SE, not an S4. 

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What if it's not the car you think it is and it's the car that Bibs guesses it is?

Does that mean it not all cleared up after all?

Good thing is that both of them are Chippable for loads more power without the need to do anything else at all.

Are you going to chip it?

Chunky Lover

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se turbo lol.Had a few Esprits over the years S1 S2 S3 Dry sump turbo Se turbo..They are all great cars .The se on paper must be the fastest.But I have loved all my Esprits as we all know they are fantastic cars.I have bought a Jensen healey.That's tucked up in my garage with my se.The main difference with the cars I find is space a bit more in the se.they all have the same problems lol Mike

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