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New Elite Owner - Thought i'd say hi!


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Dear all,


Would like to introduce myself as I am a new Elite owner and am sure I will be bugging you guys for serious amounts of information and support over the next 30 years! I am Stu by the way.


So I have always had a thing about the past showing the way of the future and for me, the Elite other than a DS is one of those cars. Completely bonkers design whilst retaining the integrity of what Lotus was all about.


Have been viewing them for the past couple of years but being a child of the 70's (and then hating everything to do with the 70's until the last few years - Robert Robinson and "ask the family" just gave me bad recollections of total boredom and browns, greens, oranges (space hoppers and my Mum's sun loungers!) and golds just hating those colours), I now totally get the 70's through rose tinted glasses (OK, I am still lucky enough to not need them yet).


Anyway, I saw a photo a few years ago of a gold Elite and it just set me off to the point that when I saw one that was vaguely off good repute, I just had to have it.


So she turned up yesterday and I managed to get a quick couple of photos taken of which I have attached a couple. She looks pretty good, has not been driven for 5 years, brakes are knackered (no idea how she passed an MOT a couple of months ago) but I will be sending her off this week to my trusted garage for an attack plan to be drawn up.


She does not have a standard steering wheel and I can see why people got rid of them but I just need to have one back on the car. It's such a cool steering wheel. Any ideas where I can get one and if yes, were they all black or did they match the dash. If yes, my dash is a weird brown with a hint of onyx green (sure it has but maybe wrong). Any advice appreciated here.


Finally. I have been on the Lotus Forums for a couple of years and registered myself some time ago and only posted one or two comments but will be much more active from now on.


Look forward to making some great acquaintances.






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Two good looking cars. Great colours as well.


Whereabouts in England are you?



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Welcome to TLF Stu. :welcome:


I like Elites the more I see of them.


Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help. :)

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Welcome to TLF, look forward to hearing more from you :D

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So I have always had a thing about the past showing the way of the future and for me, the Elite other than a DS is one of those cars. Completely bonkers design whilst retaining the integrity of what Lotus was all about.



I couldn't agree more - i'd love to have an esprit and an elite of the same age - lucky man! Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to our corner of the forum - your car looks really good.


Steering wheels came in chocolate brown as well as black. Brakes take a bit of getting used to even when they are good, as there is always a fair amount of pedal travel before the brakes start to do anything due to the design of the actuator. The brakes themselves aren't that bad when working correctly. The fronts do all the work. Discs are small by modern standards, but the calipers are girling 3 pot off a Jaguar. They don't like lack of use. If you need replacement calipers, they are available from ebay refurbed for just over a hundred quid each.


I have seen adjustable length rods for girling master cylinders advertised on ebay, which may improve things but have yet to dabble.

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Thanks guys for the warm welcome. 


Even though she has a MOT (no idea how), I will get her completely gone-over (brakes and handbrake need doing as a matter of urgency) before I attempt to use her. 


One question I have also is.......


... She has no rear seat belts but slot holes in the leather on the lower outer bolsters for which I assume was for optional rear belts. Correct or not??


Anyway, has anyone fitted rear seat belts and if yes, were there any mounting points or suggested best points for them? For my Elan +2, I had a rear bar fitted behind the rear seats and then fitted 4 point cross harnesses for the kids.


Any suggestions most welcome as the kids are already banging on about going out in it!





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Welcome buddy! Love to see the Elites being looked after. They have been poor relations for so long when it comes to classic Lotus's

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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The Elites only came with the option of lap belts Stu. This is not as dangerous as it sounds as even without belts the seats are so steeply raked and deeply bucketed that I doubt any whiplash could occur in a frontal, more likely a compressed arse! You can get stainless steel underbody mounting plates for the 2 anchor points, but fitting can be a bit fiddly twixt exhaust and body.


If you ask for new belts at a parts specialist they will try and sell you statics, even though the originals are inertia reels. Securon sell an intertia that looks flush enough to fit but never tried them for size yet. TBH my kids have grown and show no interest in being passengers.


Some people have fitted 3 point belts, but unless you want to engineer some kind of crossbar behind the petrol tank then the top mounting just relies on the fibreglass for strength

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Hi Stu. You might try removing one of the rear seats...the belts may be there and were just not threaded through the slots the last time the seat was monkeyed with.

Great looking of luck!


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