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Running speaker wire from the door

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All, I have a problem/question.

Can someone tell me how to route speaker wire from the door into the cabin? I was trying to follow the path for the original wiring from the drivers side door through the rubber collet and into the cabin. However, when trying to find out where the wire enters the cabin it disappears.

I tried using a straightened wire to follow where the wires enter, but it gets stuck behind a bulkhead of some sort. Without taking my interior out, is there a way to run the speaker wire? Any help is appreciated.

Also, I'm installing an amplifier in the bonnet. I need to know a path to run the power wire to the battery. I'm assuming that I need to take the center console apart and follow the shift linkage into the boot of the car? Is there another way, without drilling holes? TIA

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Hi Nathan

As far as running the wire through, the standard way of doing this is to attach the new wire to an existing wire and pull the new one through. I assume in this case that there is not an existing speaker wire that you are replacing so you should attach two wires to any other wire that goes through the door (if there is one with enough slack or that you can cut and fix back later) then pull both through. Disconnect the one you want to leave in place and then pull the original guide wire back through to its original place using the second spare wire and then re-attach it.

That will leave you with the original wire back in place and a new speaker wire ready to connect.

I hope I explained that properly!


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Nathan, Having had to remove most of the wiring from a door in the past I seem to remember that there is a multi-plug just in the bottom of the A-pillar and so you need to remove the trim in that area to get a look at what is going on, from that point i think they go up annd the forwards towards the dash then around the bulkhead area to the centre console area.

If you try to pull a wire through the multi plug will stop you in your tracks I'm afraid so you'll have to get in there and have a look around.

For your power cable there are 2 more choices, from the engine compartment run the cable down and then along the chassis spars and onto the spine up to the bonnet area through an existing grommet, or through the bulkhead and along the tunnel inside under the trim then carefully behind the rear bulkhead carpet and through into the area around the ecu/air intake then run the cable around the corner to the battery

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