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lumpy idle and missfire when cold?

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Hello, could these symptoms suggest a faulty oxygen sensor.


starts fine, idles for about 30 seconds.

idle speeds up then after a total of 60 seconds it dies.

starts fine again but is very lumpy.

car idles at around 1300 rpm.,quite high?

car splutters and misfires when driving,also pops.

Once the car is warn drives fine but still idles is around 1300rpm.

Read on the forum  about faulty and non lotus o2 sensors giving similar symptoms,could this be my problem? Any advice appreciated

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what a difference a day makes. 2 hours of hard work to get it out  new sensor fitted .The car feels so different,idles much better,does not cut out,has clean tail pipes and no misfire.I need to start it from cold and get it on the road in the morning just to convince myself that it is realy as good as it appears to be .Still have to deal with that dodgy reverse gear though.

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It drives so well.As for the reverse gear even when cold its very hard to engage ,sometimes having to resort to turning of the engine to get it in .

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Have you replaced the red clutch hose, albeit that is more of a problem when hot?


Also, ensure that you select first gear before reverse. Reverse doesn't have a synchro but first does and they're the same ratio so it gets your input shaft to the correct speed. 


Other than that, linkages front and rear wear, your reverse inhibitor block could be knackered too.

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It seems to be when it's first started up, first and reverse very hard if not impossible to engage without turning of the engine.when the car is warm ie when the choke's of so to speak all gears are fine except reverse.

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Still worth replacing the red plastic clutch hose with an SS braided one :-)


John W

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