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loom behind dash

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Hi all,


I'm putting the loom into my car, it's been so long i could do with a reminder of how it runs - has anyone got any pics of the loom in situ with the dash out? That would help me make sure it runs in the right place.


Thanks, Mat.

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Hi Charlie,


Yes it does, thanks for putting the pic up. Btw your heater looks different to mine? What year is your car? Is it an early one?


I've spent a very long time looking at my heater!!! Mines a 1979 car, but now has (mostly) an aircon heater from a 1978 elite, both of which are the same shape.


My loom is going to have to be chopped about quite a bit, to fit the excel instruments multi connector, the fans are different in the heater, loads more relays, different light switch etc. But good to know how it should sit in the car.


Cheers, Mat.

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actually looking at your heater more closely - are the fan shrouds yellow? They sort of disappear into the foam in the photo because of the similar colour. If so then it is the same kind of heater as in my car. I've spent so long with mine on the workbench in the garage that I've forgotten how it looks in the car!!! On my eclat these plastic shroud parts were bright green, on the elite dark grey, I wonder if it's one of those plastic machines where they chuck all sorts of source material in and the colour comes out random, if not I have no idea for why they should keep changing colour.


I am really close to being able to complete the heater! It is a  big milestone - it's taken ages, but I was determined to get rid of all the vacuum system, on both heaters the bit that does "fresh/recirculated" that drives the flaps by the plenum from the engine bay were leaking, so neither car could ever have done recirculated air, and you can't see the fault until the heater is apart.


On most cars I've driven the aircon is more effective when the air is in recirc once the car air is cooler than outside air (makes sense). So mine is now cable operated, and the actuation is driven of the outside of the heater on the end of the shaft. I suppose you can test it by moving it and checking with your fingers down the trumpets for whether the flaps have moved.


And I've followed Dunc's lead of putting the heater at the bottom of the dash behind the gear lever, and will mount the radio/cd somehere in the top pod (in my case it's an excel SE one that formerly housed two air vents and the heater controls (yet to work this out!)



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Not sure if they are yellow, but they definitely have a yellow hue to them. All I know is I spent hours fixing the fan switch yet when I turn it on no air comes out at all, I'll have to fix it later on, too many other bigger jobs to do first :-S

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on mine as I think I've posted elsewhere one fan was siezed and one only worked at full speed while making an insane squealing noise. Because of the extent of the dismantling required to get to these, i went to town on it a bit and changed the motors for modern beefier properly made(!) Siemens ones. I've run it on the bench and the airflow is way more than the stock motors (the elite AC heater I got had working fans) and also a lot quieter.


Btw if you have the dash out, locate the two connectors, 3 pin black things, they are the connections to the motors,if you put 12v across this (black is ground, the other two are low and high speed) you should get the motors to run. If they are not spinning, it is the motors at fault, if they do then you problem is not getting the volts to the motors, at which point a quick tracking down with a meter from the supply onwards will show where the break is.



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