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I've got a waste gate and I wanna use it!

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Update (not a biggy)


Test drove car with ECU unplugged and physical w/g set as mentioned.  It pulls 0.5 bar on the dial but to be honest most attention was devoted to looking at the road at the point of 'boostage' so it could have dept to 0.6!


Unfortunately there's s lot of family stuff going on but the next stage will be the software once I get the time.


I'm a bit concerned about this new 'whistle' I can hear.

To repeat  - when the turbo really gets going (i.e. 0.4-ish) there's a noise that sounds like someone phonetically saying the letter 'S' which increases in pitch.

IT doesn't appear to have any effect on the performance / drivability of the car, but it's just 'there' if you get what I mean.


Checked all pipes etc.

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Does sound the likely issue, maybe from your short high boost run?

A recording of the sound would help.

Do you have a blow off valve fitted in the pipe work?


The round silver thing on the silicone T-Piece between the chargecooler and inlet plenum.

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Last question first....


No (I assume that blow-off valve = dump valve?_


"Possibility of damage via badly settings causing high boost" idea:  Yes, I admit that went through my mind however apart from it never going above 0.8 when I did that regretful configuration I also tested it on a tiny bit of road (the golfers to my right must have thought I was a nutter) going up the straight path to the golf club.

My hope is that such a short distance would not have put enough strain-time for the tolerances.


I'll try and make a recoding when I (eventually) get back to continuing this 'wonderful' story.


As I said - the noise happens with no other symptoms.


But I have to bring out the 'WCS' statement  - Worse Case Scenario.  Damaged turbo?  I realise/think they are non-servicable - not sure about cost.


"Boost leak"  - yes, I'd like that one please.... that one sounds more 'friendly'/sortable !!!


As I said - it's literally the sound of the phonetic 'S'.  It's not loud, but it's just 'there'.


Coming home today it really doesn't go over 0.5.  Do I preload by another turn to try for 0.6 (as I did before this debacle).  Currently you can pull the link bar over the lever with one hand and little effort.


Please bear with me during the current 'pause' in proceedings  - I appreciate the tidbits (when did titbits become tidbits).


Nice pic, btw.  Is that your combustion chamber device?

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Nope, that's just a photo from someone else on the forum.

Yup dump valve :)

The sound, as you describe it does seem like a split hose, but I can't recall anyone having this before, but it is very common on some other cars. Had a freelancer in once for a few repairs and the boost pipes on that had completely split through on the underside, where oil deposits had been sitting in the pipe

Doubtful you've got a knackered turbo mate.

Chunky Lover

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You won't have damaged the turbo, they don't hiss when they're broken, they piss out oil and they are serviceable too.

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Evora NA

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  • Gold FFM

DO NOT play with any mechanical setting.  You have a leak, now find it.  There aren't many places to look - check all joints from turbo to plenum, then 2 gaskets on the plenum.  Dump valve if you have one.  That's a good start.

British Fart to Florida, Nude to New York, Dunce to Denmark, Numpty to Newfoundland.  And Shitfaced Silly Sod to Sweden.

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Oi! you're sounding like my bloody dad!  (meant with much love and respect.... ;-)   )


I shall search for said leak.  Or any other vegetable.


No dump valve - I asked <you know who> about it and his opinion was its not worth it due to the way its set up (length of travel and stuff - to be honest I ended up in 'nodding mode' trying to pretend I knew exactly what was said).  It's handy if you use it on the track a hell of a lot, or something.


Also - there are too many wide boys in their vauxhall novas and citroen AX's who - somehow - need and use a dump valve.

I'm about to start a 'reclaim the dump valve noise' movement.


(apologies to anyone who has a dump valve and swears by it)

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I had a similar hissing sound, and found that the jubilee clamp I tightened still had a few extra turns in it (I think I just hit an irregularity on the clamp when I first tightened it and it felt tight).

If there is an oil leak, it often finds its way onto something hot and smells bad. I also had a split coolant pipe going to the turbo at a different time. That found somewhere hot, too and greenish steam started coming out of engine cover grille.

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It's annoying for the moment as I simply don't have the time to progress this  [gaaaah] but I'll check all connections.  That won'r take long


Fortunately there are no signs of bad smells or liquid leakage of any sort.


"Liquid leakage" - hey that sounds like a 90's emo rock band.  Sorry - going mad.

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I shall search for said leek .....or any other vegetable.

You are barking old chap. Totally... Ha ha!

Suspension, brakes, chipped, chargecooler rad and pump,injectors,ignition coils and leads, BOV, highflow cat and zorst, Translator and tie rods, Head lights, LEDs to tail lights and interior,Polybushes to entire front end, Rad fans, rad grill, front end refurb with aluminium spreaderplates and galvanised bolts. Ram air, uprated fuel pump, silicone hoses through out, wheels refurbed and powder coated,much more, all maintenance.

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If you loosing boost pressure and you can hear it it would also coincide with the low boost gauge readings. I still have to insist that you get the actuator set properly using the right technique and get the 4 fault codes diagnosed properly in order to realise exactly what is happening. All I can gather is that things are tinkered with and tried out...I think several issues are happening and your not chasing the problems directly..honestly youd have this sorted ages ago.....

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Really sorry about the lack of news.  Major issues relating to work and family (never a good mix).



It's possible that it's pulling 6bar however there are error codes that are telling the solenoid to into 'get home mode' so to speak so the physical w/g is opening because it's working with the amount the solenoid part is sending and the amount its sending will only ever give me 0.5  0.6 bar as a self preservation action.


Hoping to get some time soon - get the software going - and get more clues.

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Alright - an update.


Feel free to have a go at my 'chickening out' approach.


Yup - It's been at SGT.


New clutch cylinder plus the ECU challenge.


No problem on the clutch - less than an hour.

He warned me that a code 29 error (quadriver) has a huge list of things to attend to.


He showed me the book - which so far is '20 seconds for the ECU light comes on - goto page XX item XX'

The four codes of which 29 is the 'biggy' and goes down many trees and subtrees.


The fuse that controls an exhaust flap and something else kept blowing so there was hope that possibly such a little thing might sort it.  Of course it didn't  - life doesn't work that way.


He warned me that a '29' has the potential to take days of work and despite the discount and did the 'are you sure you want to go that route' .  Of course I said the usual 'if you were me and I were you' thing.  No brainer 


Obviously he could not devote time to it 'now' as he had other things to do.  There was another Azure blue esprit being sorted regarding a catalytic converter.  Not sure if it was a GT3 or a V8 but it had the 'final' dashboard.


So ....


I asked if he could do 2 hours of investigation which would be continued at a future date.


Much badness!


When I picked it up he showed me the 'path' that he was being told to follow from the big fat ECU book.


Most branches ended up getting to the ECU and so it *might* be the ECU itself.


To eliminate or blame the ECU he's going to fit  GT3 ECU (he has a few ECUs).  He believes that the ECU should be close enough to suggest whether it's ECU or not. did we get to this point?  Why the problem codes?  We agreed on a common fault.  A human.


We think that the previous owner - who did not get it serviced in 5 years - attempted to fix something himself.

He was amazed at how badly some of the cabling was butchered.  'Butchered' being a non-exaggeration. The findings regarding the wiring was that he'd (PO) well and truly f*cked it all up.


Whilst doing the investigation work he 'made good' bits that had got messy the result of which I now get a constant idle rather than how it was before (sometimes 1.5k revs and sometimes struggling to achieve 500 rpm without stalling).


So that's how it stands right now.  He believes that he's being pushed down the same circuit route - which helps - with them all terminating at the ECU.


I have to explain my current thinking.


I'm going to get him to sort it.  I believe this muck up is beyond me.  Sorry to anyone who believes that I should be confident enough to have a go.  But lets face it - I might end up butchering a butchered system.


Plus - as I said - right now I'm completely busy regarding stuff with the family etc.  Doing this post was 'squeezed in' as a courtesy post to let people know what's been done, discovered, etc rather than leave the thread hanging in mid air as it were.


So - that's the update.  Nice clutch, nice tickover, and actually more drivable however the next thing is to leave it with him sometime in the near future.


I hope I haven't disappointed posters here by handing the job over to an expert - but that's how it is.


Of course I will update this thread as things happen and include more exact terms of work rather than just a 'fuse that blows' and 'code 29'.

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You mean code 26.


Might be worth letting Taff know about Espritmon, makes diagnosing a code 26 error much easier. The code 26 error is one of eight problems, split into 2 groups of 4 problems. Espritmon will tell him which 4 things to look at rather than all 8.   :)


To be fair, iirc your CEL was disconnected. That will cause this error so I assume he's cleared the codes and it's come back. If the CEL was u/s the code would be retained for a number of ignition cycles after it was fixed.


Code 26 is a very common error code. The error sub-divides into A and B circuits.
Code 26 A codes
Radiator Fan Relay
Wastegate Solenoid
Canister Purge Solenoid
Check Engine Lights
Code 26B codes
ROM Relay
A/C Control Relay
Engine Overheat Relay
Throttle Jack Solenoid Rela


Code 51 is an error with the memcal on the ECU. It's unlikely to be that as it's not showing that error code. 

88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

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Thanks for those tips (and the slight bug).  I'll persevere with getting espritmon working.  If that shaves the hours off then that's got to be a good thing.


I've asked a colleague at work who looks after the 'wintel' architecture and he says he has an old PC laptop which is destined for the bin - so instead he's going to let me have it.  If I can get it to work on that then I will have a dedicated laptop just for the esprit - which I seem to remember that another contributor here does the same thing.


Old enough for compatibility but young enough to have USB holes!


Better text a reminder to him now.......      :unworthy:

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Oh - and I saw you, Bibs, on that TV show I mentioned.  Nice to put a name to a face.  My only complaint was the fleeting glimpse of an early red esprit and a late blue esprit.  Everything else was the good 'ole elise (which is fine, but.. you know).


I also recorded another show called the mini challenge as you may remember I am mini mad too.


Imagine my horror when I sat down for a good dose of A+ series whines only to be shown a load of people driving around in round edged Range rovers.  Droning.  Not going too fast.


I put my foot through the TV screen and sent the BBC an invoice *




(* a line borrowed from Viz [letters] magazine/comic)

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Incase anyone is wondering....


In it's current state I still love it to bits and am totally addicted to driving it.

What should be the occasional drive to work has gone 'daily'.  I really need some rehab!


It sounds lovely, it goes lovely, its wonderfully luxurious inside (and they all seem to smell the same when they're not smelling of petrol).


The car drives very responsively and has buckets of power (or should that be torque?!?!)  - the end of the story (I hope) is that I'll own more horses.  Up until then I shall continue the pride, enthusiasm and sheer bad boy attitude that this head turner provides by the gallon-load!


(Just incase anyone thought I was disappointed)


Love it Love it Love it !!

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