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So, i read somewhere, another forum perhaps, that when replacing engine mounts buy the S4 ones instead of the V8 ones, as the s4 ones are the same but half the price.


I called PNM (who were very helpful, and gave me the forum discount thank you) and we determined that the V8 parts list is indeed twice the price of the s4 price list for engine mounts.


However, the V8 pack contains two engine mounts, the s4 contains one.


So there is no price saving.


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The Esprit V8 engine mounts are not like the 4 cyl mounts.

I am informed by PNM that they are the same, in at least that the difference is that 4 cylinder mounts are "hot" and "cold" sided, and the v8 uses "hot" sided for both. The hot has a different rubber compound to the cold.

Also, the ones I'm getting are identified as pink.

My order is being sent out tomorrow, so can you confirm your advice, please, in case I need to change the order.


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the iron engine mounts are different.  Those are the legs that bolt the engine block to the chassis.


The rubber isolation bushings may be the same geometry, but they are different part numbers between the 4 cyl and the V8, and then the Sport 350 uses 2 of the pink hot side 4 cyl mounts...


Mounting Rubber, engine, RH, blue  B085E6008F

Mounting Rubber, engine, LH, pink  B085E6009F
Metalastic Engine Mount V8, V8GT A918E0267F
Metalastic Engine Mount sport 350 B085E6009F

No reason why you couldn't use 2 of the pink ones, they are just a bit firmer than the blue ones.


Vulcan Grey 89SE

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Thanks very much.

PNM said they had always fitted the pink ones to V8's, so I'll stick with those, as long as they fit I'm happy, as mine are shot!

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