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Headlining replacement

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I had mine done by a professional trimmer in isolation to the rest of the interior (which I stripped out the following year) so while I can't say exactly how difficult it is, I can say you'll save £500 doing it yourself. Having said that, when I stripped the rest of the interior, I learned how to get it all out and the headliner is only a couple of screws and some glue to remove so should be a fairly easy job compared with getting leather out. The sun visors were done at the same time to match the new material and one of those has never had enough friction to stay stowed so watch out for that.

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Quite easy to remove the trim to get to it.

A little more difficult to remove old lining and loose glue - no, not difficult, just dull!

A little harder again to install new lining, without creases and without glue going everywhere.

A couple of pointers in this thread


I'd give it 1 spanner on the Haynes scale!!

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I did this job on my last car is its pretty easy to do. I got the headlining and glue from SJ Sportscars. The only thing that is grim is removing the old glue and you must remove it all otherwise the new one will not stick properly.

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