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Knackered Esprit


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The Silverstone Classic, what a marvellous event, truly spectacular, so many fantastic cars and great racing. Each year I attend the "Grand Tour" prior to the event which is truly superb..... Not this year. 40 miles in I get a clicking noise, a clacking noise. Strange, I know the clutch is on its way out but it was not slipping and I was taking the drive real easy. Still this ticking ratcheting sound, only in gear. No issue with changing gear at all but this noise in gear. Jack up the car, raise the rear wheels spin them and a clonking can be heard one up to speed. Pretty certain it's a gearbox problem. So I limp the car into Silverstone and leave it. Driving at 30 and coasting wherever possible. After the event I limp the car back to a pub off the A43 where I have left it. Stinker.

Any ideas what could be wrong? I'm thinking Crown Wheel/pinion issues but not really sure. I've been taking it really easy on the car. Anyhows it's now dumped in a pub car park, Can it be driven a short distance up the road to get it somewhere safe? By short I mean 30 miles. Towed? I'm holding off on the AA for recovery/time reasons. Can it be towed? Anyone close to silverstone have anywhere I can dump it? Little bit stuffed in this one.

The box was rebuilt 2 years ago by Alan Voights in Liverpool so should be totally pucker.

So that's two major events this year the car has not made due to issues....(Belgium, disintegrating compomotive and The Grand Tour, bizarre clunkings) getting frustrating now.

Any assistance on what's wrong or transport solutions would be greatly appreciated!


Jon (Hopo)

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Could well be CWP - Would not recommend and driving until full diagnosis.  Diagnosis - get the car on ramps and drop the oil.  you may well find 'chips' of metal in the oil.  You can also see the Crown wheel from the drain hole, so spin the wheels and using a small torch and look for damaged teeth

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I've had a GM Saginaw 4-speed manual box in my Dax Cobra which sounded like that. Turned out to be a couple of teeth missing from third gear, necessitating a different, stronger gearbox. I've broken three gearboxes in the past, two in the same manner, with the same clicking noise.

Either way, I would imagine it's a gearbox strip you're facing, because if I'm right all the gears are in constant mesh, hence any damage translates into noise, whatever gear it's in. Crossing my fingers it's something trivial for you, though.

Margate Exotics.

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30% off AA membership for full members too :thumbsup:

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Hi peter,


I'm pleased to report that the car got home - Courtesy of the RAC on the back of a low loader and is now languishing outside my flat. I have not had the time to address the issue but am fairly certain the Gearbox will need addressing.


Oh Dear.

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Finally had a chance to look at this in a little more detail but from the noises and goings on it would seem like I have munched my second Crown Wheel & Pinion in 3 years.


Anyone have a spare box knocking around?


These cars are a joke

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Like I said in another post mate, try DSvitesse for some advice

People have run these boxes for over a decade and with tens of thousands of miles without issue and I'm sure you are a carful driver and not thrashing the nuts off her or being mechanically unsympathetic. Who fitted the last one?

Chunky Lover

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