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Hi guys. I've just had a new radiator fitted ( triple core ) but I've noticed the engine now seems to be running hotter.

The old rad which was also triple core but missing most of its cooling fins would keep the coolant at approx 88℃ whilst driving in built up areas between 30-40 mph. With the new rad driving in the same conditions she's now running between 90-92℃, these readings were obtained via obd diagnostic software and not the cars temp gauge.

Should I be concerned with the car running at these higher temps?

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air inside, after the rad change ? it is possibly just not vented enough


-other point is, was the 88°C on the cockpit instrument, whereas the comparision with the 92°C just is there in reference from the OBD. Means you compare unequal systems  ..maybe the 88°C prior was just the same 92°C on OBD all the past years ..

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Hi Gunter. The 88℃ reading was also taken via obd a couple of years earlier ( whenI had a faulty temp gauge ) on both occasions the heater inside the car was set to cold air and the outside ambient temp was around 22℃

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Guest modifiedv8engines

Hi Steve


Reckon you may have some trapped air in the system. On my car I opted for the two core rad and removed the air con rad to help with engine cooling.


I also fitted a valve in place of the standard screw in plug so all that is required is to depress the valve and this allows air to escape. Easier than removing the plug with hot coolant running all over the place.



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hi paul


I think you were right.


before posting this thread I had covered approx. 100 miles since fitting the new rad, which I thought ought to be enough running time to let air dissipate.  (assuming there is trace amounts left in the system)


It was my intention to bleed the system yesterday but I unexpectedly had to go out and cover a 150 mile round trip! The esprit was the only car available to do the trip!!


After yesterdays journey the running temperature seems to have settled back down to 87-88 degC.  I used the esprit again today (another 30 miles) and all seems good

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Just curious Steve.  Did you have to top off the coolant to get it all settled down?  Just had my radiators changed as well and I have had to top off the coolant several times.  Understand the after market aluminum radiators i got do not have a bleed point on them, which could be part of the issue.  After several heat cycles over about 300 miles I thought I had all the air out, but got high temp warnings (flashing coolant light) during a track day.  Have since topped off coolant twice more.  No indication of coolant leaks, but have not really crawled under the car to look carefully in the radiator shroud area.


Anyway, recommend keeping a very close eye on both the header and expansion tank levels.



Stu Calgary Alberta ' 69 Plus 2 '0 0 Esprit V8

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