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Binding front left brake !

Stuart Monument

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My front left brake started to bind while I was out for a drive . By the time I got back (less than two mile) it was really binding. I left it to cool over night, went to move the car and now it's free again.

I'm not very gifted when it comes to mechanical stuff so thought I would ask if you guys have any ideas before I start pulling bits apart.

My car is 1973 Europa Twin Cam Special.



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Once it starts to bind, the heat generated makes it bind more and more, hence why it's better now that it's cool. To do the job properly you'll need to remove the calliper and free off the piston, putting it together with rubber grease (you're welcome to borrow the pot of it if you wish) and new seals. If you just want to get it somewhere for them to do the job, then you could leave the calliper hydraulically connected, remove the mounting bolts, take some large mole grips or similar and rotate the piston clockwise and counter-clockwise slightly, repeatedly. That would free off the immediate problem but still need the strip and rebuild for a long-term solution.

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Another option is for the front rubber flexi pipe to break up and forma flap, which acts like a one-way valve. It's far less common than callipers seizing and is less temperature sensitive. As the callipers are new then I'd hope it's not rust but it may be a sign they were machines too tight or have some other sort of manufacturing fault.

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Thank you Andy. My car has braided hoses so more than likely a defective calliper I guess ! Will take it off , have a look to see if anything obvious and drive it again to see what the score is. Thank for pointing me in the right direction .

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Guest modifiedv8engines

Could also check to see if the disc is mounted square on the hub.


You need to hub mounting face to be very clean - wire brush and use emmery cloth or similar to remove any rust etc.


Also check the new brake lines for any kinks or damage.


New piston should move freely in the bore. Could try checking behind the dust seal as could be a new old stock item ?? could have corrossion from storage in the damp old UK. Seen this before.....


Assume nothing when it comes to braking systems as a ton of car at 10 mph takes some stopping - check and double check before going further.


Had my V8 near side front flexi fail at low speed and car pulled strongly into the centre of the road. Had previous issues with brakes binding, not working etc etc and these were new discs and pads and I inspected everything carefuly or so I thought.


Dual; circuit braking and ABS = useless in thee circumstances !!


Good luck with the brakes and if you get stuck give me  ashout or try a local garage if brakes are not your thing.








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Thank for the advice Paul ! I struggled for space in my single garage so managed to drive it to a friends in Dereham without using the brakes ! They eased off when the car was in my garage.

Turns out to be the servo. Seem strange they where binding more on the passengers side but maybe it was that's what I was focused on.

Thanks for the help guys


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