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Hennessey Venom F5. Target: 290mph

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would totally work with a Lotus badge on it. Hennessey so fit to design a Coco front end on it! Now shall we ask lotus to put their hybrid range extender it delivers 400 bhp and will probably deliver more if asked nicely. 


That Elige chassis is probably the most versatile low volume chassis ever built when it comes down to it and even though not as rigid as VVA it can still take a beating  from a gazillion bhp!

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You are right because they only build cars for fools...There are no roads on this planet where you can cruise at 290mph let alone 220mph... there are no race tracks where that car will ever see 220 mph.


I'd like to bet the car couldn't get up to 290 mph and hold it there for 2 min.   :smoke:

I think it's fast enough…maybe

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I'm with Ronin on this one.  A totally pointless car in my view.  Built to do one thing you can never do while compromising the rest of it in the process with coolers everywhere, a big gearbox and all sorts of stuff to deal with the huge power that has the potential to make the thing undrivedable at normal speeds.


Wouldn't want one as a gift.

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But of course it's pointless. That's the attraction. It's entire raison d'être is to go at ridiculous speeds, that's it. It's not claiming to be anything else. Bragging rights at the bar are just a peripheral bonus. Yet some have trouble understanding this very simple mantra.


Very interested in the regaling of the first hand driving experiences of it though. I didn't know anyone from TLF had been in it.

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