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Espritmon windows8 replaying data


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As a non computer guru, Ive got Espritmon working on windows 8, but how do I replay a recorded file Ive made? Obviously if I just change the 1 and 0 around to replay, it plays the included example, not what Ive just recorded. So, how do I replay my recoreded file guys!


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there is a pdf in the files that is a manual.\


On page 7 it says you have to modify the lotus.cfg file and set the mode to 0.


When you save a file, it cannot have any weird characters and it must be one word, for instance "1989SElotus.asc".  You can't name your file "lotus SE 89.asc"


Then using the command prompt, type "Espritmon  1989SElotus"  and then it will play back that file.


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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Tried again good. saved the files as a simple esprit1. theyre .log files not .asc? can I convert them? also, the command prompt says espritmon isn't a recognisable internal or external command, executable program or batch file... told you Im not a computer guru!

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oh yeah, maybe they are .log files.  I don't use Espritmon much.


You'll have to navigate to the directory that Espritmon is saved in while using the command prompt, and you have to have the log file in the same directory.  


Then you can run "espritmon mylotus.log"


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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Hi Darren,


Try this ...

Open the log file you have created using WordPro or Notepad.

Select all (right button).



Open espritlog1.asc with WordPro or Notepad.

Select all.





Then start Espritmon as normal ... this should pick up your file.



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