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It passed with no advisories, however like every MOT I ever do, I get everything working correctly before I go in and the second I enter the station something starts playing up, in this case the rear lights started to fail! They also found a few un-torqued bolts in the suspension, but we went around them and tightened everything back up. The lights just needed a tweak on a bad earth. Everything else was perfect, the tester even offered to buy the car, my response 'not for sale'. 

You had a good helpful tester which is better than a 'jobsworth' any day of the week.


Well done achieving the pass and an offer to buy the car too.


I agree with Mike you should have asked what he was willing to offer.


It would have been interesting even if you had no intention to sell.


What's next?

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I'm totally commited to this car now, even an over the top inflated offer would get rebuffed. I'm mid way through the build and I still have loads of plans for it so it's not for sale. Next on the list is to get the cooling system to work properly, and brakes could be better adjusted. It's super close to being on the road just teething issues to be ironed out.

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