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Tips on turn signal stop install with Momo steering wheels?

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I've been struggling on getting my turn signals to cancel properly after the install of a Momo 'Race' steering wheel in place of the fugly GM SIR wheel.

I am using the Grant 4509 (Isuzu) adapter which I had to shave off some of the bumps to make it work (per the extreme esprit website). In place of the Momo Grant to Momo adapter I used a custom machined adapter that looks like below. I have aligned the marks as directed on the yellow caution sticker(located at the end of the column), while the wheel is straight ahead, but the cancel always seems to be in the wrong place.

Is there anyone who has done this, and how did you get the cancel to work properly?

Any help greatly appreciated. I don't want to have to pull my wheel ten times to get this right, as each time the wheel gets tight from the main holding nut being tightened. I have to pull real hard wiggling on the wheel, and imagine that can't be good for the column.

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Sounds like you don't have the rotary connector in the proper position when you mount the wheel. Maybe this will help. Following is a pic of the proper orientation of the rotary connector. Note that the pins are in approximately the 2 o'clock and 8'o'clock positions.

Hope this helps.



1995 S4s

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If i remember correctly the bump should not be removed. I'll try to take my wheel off and take a look tomorrow.

If I didn't shave off a majority of the bump, it would not slide past the rotary turn signal cancel mechanism

Mine looked like this afterwards:

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So you remember if the arrow at the edge was pointing at the 'neutral' mark on the turn signal rotary? My biggest mistake in all of this was I did not mark where these were when I pulled the wheel. Does anyone have the SRS manual, as the setting of this is not in the regular service manual...only in the airbag manual.

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