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Custom dash project.

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Its been a while since I have done anything with this but with my wiring complete and multiconnectors fitted to each switch panel I have some decisions to make with regards to the location of the radio and the configuration of the heater.

Let me explain... The switch from aircraft style air vents to mx5 vents has reduced the space available to mount a radio. I was hopeful that a modern radio and the reduction in depth behind the dash that this takes up, gives me more options on where in the centre consol it mounts however my switch panel design and the increased size of a modern radio apperature makes this impossible. An older radio complicates the wiring for the electric aerial.

Since my £10 radio 'tooths to my phone it's then just an ornament which I think will now live at the back of the glove box which is how #charliecrocker free'd up space for his air ride guages. This will make the centre consol much less cluttered generally.

So the heater. Since the radio is moving out of the way I could stick with the original heater vents but thats not very special. My mx5 vents will look pretty good with a new clock (I say new but it does need a refurb) I picked up at an autojumble last year mounted between them


Keeping the original heater means creating an adapter from the original heater exits to the vents in fibreglass or latex but I can now loose the clock from the second switch panel which makes space for my cigar lighter and keeps the switches symmetrical.

Changing the heater might give me more options in some respects but I would like to keep the cable operated aspect so I can realise my new heater controls


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I'm liking the look of your MX5 vents far more than re using the original ones. 

Seems such a shame to be doing all the neat switch work you are customising, then use very 70's style original plastic vents .

IMO, using the originals just look like you ran out of ideas after doing the switch panel - Which you certainly haven't.


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As far as I'm concerned this is the fun bit now. It's like building a house... The last thing you do is decorate! For me it's hard to improve the look of the outside... I know, weird, but the dash board...

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For a long time pop riveting was my favourite task... I now have another... Aluminium brazing. So easy!IMG_20200705_125844.jpg.e12666cd49c5eae97cf0f197a59bcbe7.jpg

Just need to add the clock I. The middle now the vent tubes have strengthened the panel and then the heater controls!IMG_20200705_125831.jpg.61f776adb6d391f0a2f50cf7c27a4cbb.jpg

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It's been a while but nearly done. The aircraft throttle style heater control are now the only outstanding part but I need to get the engine back in to see how much space is available when the car is in gear.

I need a rivnut tool so I can take the switch panels out without access from behind and the switch labels need to be engraved on the lower panel. The wing mirrors need modification to take a modern motor as my solonoids are knackered then the switches will work!


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3 hours ago, EXCEL V8 said:

Coming on great!  What are you doing to connect the round air vents to the rectangular holes in the HVAC unit?  What's the bit at the bottom - is that going to be the levers?


I was heading for something like the facel Vega with levers for the heater control


The vents will fit onto a new heater/AC unit but I'm along way from that


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