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[Ebay-bot] Lotus Esprit Turbo 1983. “Barn Find”. Air Conditioning. Very original.


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Yeah I thought that too but this one has been in a front end accident apparently and allegedly either has a twisted chassis or had a twisted chassis that has been repaired - either way the car needs close inspection I guess before bidding. If you look at the other topic I updated today there is more more detail there. Its covered some distance over the last few months being from locations in Scotland to Peterbotough and then Kent.

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I was thinking of going to look at this but the seller informed me of the chassis damage so we decided the price was too high and didn't bother going. What is a car like this worth? Supposedly it now has sold for the 5k asking price. Wouldnt mind doing a full chassis up rebuild for the right car, but im thinking the price has to be nearer 2 to 3k.i know prices are moving fast am I far off the mark? Or is something like this only fit for breaking? Quite like the idea of "saving" an esprit rather than buying something nice and shiney...

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I contacted them and advised ita well known for the damage and they should be declaring it..the seller said that was fair enough and what wpuld I offer..2k was politely refused..but its not worth anything more than that really. I dare say the new owner..if there is one..will have bidded either blind and be severly disappointed or it was false bidding..

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