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OBD2 Connection problem


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Hi guys,


I bought this cheap OBD2 interface and can't get it to work with Peter's scan tool. Will ELM 327 work on a 1996 car or do I need an ELM 323? I can't even get the software that the tool came with to read any of the cars values.




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I thought obd2 only really came in around 2001 although some limited support was on some cars earlier. Does it work on any of your other cars? if you have a post 2001 any manufacturer should support it.

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Hi Wilf,

I just tried this on the other two cars in the family and no joy with any of those either. I just noticed a couple of soft buttons on the software main screen which state 'Alfa' and 'Opel'. Will try on a mates Vauxhall to see if it works with his car.

If it does, he can have the bloody thing!



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I have used ELM323 usb-cable adapter with my 96 Esprit. It works only with connector under the dash, not with engine bay connector. I'am using Peters software.

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Both ELM 327 & 323 should work and both OBDII interfaces sockets (boot and passenger foot well) should work.


Please remember that for the OBDII interface to work on the Esprit:


  • The vehicle's ignition key needs to be switched to the 'Ignition auxiliaries' position.
  • There needs to be sufficient vehicle battery power to power the ECU & interface.
  • The interface needs to be correctly plugged into the vehicle and PC/lap top.
  • The driver that came with the ELM interface should be installed.
  • The correct port number needs to be known.
  • The correct baud rate needs to be known.


Generally, I suggest installing the device driver and software package that come with the interface to prove if the interface is working. When you have it working check the port number and the baud rate being used and use these settings in my software.


What operating system have you got installed on your PC/lap top?




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I think I have the same device, bought on amazon for 6eur !

It works perfectly on my 96 V8 (and my new beetle but here we don't care lol)


I tested with 2 different android smartphones (note 2 and lg g3), with free version of Torque app.

When the device is paired with the phone (only 1st time), it get connected to the car automatically in 10sec.

Don't forget to turn on the car lol.


Also I know the blutooth version doesn't work with apple phones & tablets, you need the wifi version to use with IOS.

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Well I tried it on my new laptop with Windows 7 and it didn't work so tried it on another (ancient) laptop with Windows Vista on it and it all seems to work fine!

Downloaded your software Peter and its now reading the data fine. Just come from the garage and got my PIDs sorted for the morning. This will hopefully will tell me what my boost issue is being caused by.

Too late to start the car up now as I don't think the neighbours will be very impressed with my midnight diagnostics!

Will post tomorrow how I got on. Thanks for all the help so far guys.



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