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Running costs of a V8

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I would be interested to know the full running costs of your V8








also over what time period this covers eg 1 year or 2.5 years and over what mileage

I reckon these cars cost about

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You sold it for more than you paid for it eh?!?! You must have gotten a killer deal on it.


I purchased Feffman's esprit and since I have owned the car (a few months) it has cost me about 3,500+k in maintenance already.. (I had to replace a busted primary shaft and rotors and a few other things)

It seems to depend on how lucky you get with the car, other than that the car is a blast, but for me there is always something that needs to be done to it, now I have to replace the windshield and it needs new brake pads.. etc. There is always something.. I have driven the car about 4k miles so far..

However 15k miles isn't very far to drive.. the key is how far can you drive the car and own it without problems.. For instance how much did an esprit that has 100k on the clock end up costing the owner would be something I am curious about

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hahah I read that before atqnat.. so your esprit cost you in total so far about 160,000..

You know I'm not rich (yet) but the Esprit is one fine automobile and I feel even at that price it's worth every penny..

I've always felt Lotus undervalued the Esprit with it's 100k price tag.. The car should have been 130k-150k plus at least.. It's just as exotic as the ferrari's and lamborghini's of the world... Just my opinion..

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I've had my esprit for three years. Purchased new in 2003.

So far I've spent about $2,500 for services (done by dealership). My car will get the cam belts changed under a Lotus warranty next year so that is a freebie for me. My tires are going so that is about $1000 and the clutch will have to be replaced either next year or the following year (I have almost 22000 miles). The dealer said it would cost $7000! But I think most people will tell you the parts will cost about $2500 to $3000 (clutch, flywheel, misc seals gaskets, etc). If I get the tranny rebuild there is another $1000+. So I might spend almost $5000 this coming year on the car which I think is normal for every 3 to 4 yrs (depend on how much you drive it).

The key to these cars is to do the work yourself. The $2,500 for the initial two years would have been less than


2001 V8 - Silver

2007 Ducati 1098

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I have Richard but as you and I know I get a good deal so it won't be a fair comparison.

So far:-


A Sevice 08/05

A service 09/06

Radiator replaced

Oil Cooler pipe fixed

Slave cylinder fixed (still awaiting new one).


New Forge wastegate actuators

323mm discs and bells all round with Hawk pads

New OZ Novas

New 2002 front spoiler lip

New 2002 rear round light conversion

New 2003 centre exit exhaust with cheesegrate valance

Front and side clear indicators

Green Cotton Filters

Forge dump valves

Stainless steel dash surround

I'll pm you with the costs.

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Sport350 bought new in 1999

Maintenance Servicing - 3500 (only 21000 miles)

Consummables - 1200

Modifications - 30000+ :blush:

Insurance - 3000 (only 3 years)

Fuel - 2000

Depreciation - 38000

..... uugh.... 3.60 per mile :lol:


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1996 Esprit V8, 1998 Esprit V8 GT, 1999 Esprit S350 #002 (Esprit GT1 replica project), 1996 Esprit V8 GT1 (chassis 114-001), 1992 Lotus Omega (927E), 1999 Esprit V8SE, 1999 Esprit S350 #032, 1995 Esprit S4s, 1999 Esprit V8 GT (ex-5th Gear project), 1999 Esprit V8SE ('02 rear)

1999 S350 #002 Esprit GT1 replica

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