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Vacuum hose/pipe

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Can anyone assist please?


I am currently trying to finish off connecting all the vacuum hoses and pipe around the engine bay of my 1989 Turbo SE.


This has been a complete restoration of the car (and I mean complete i.e. every nut and bolt) but unfortunately the car was not complete when I got it and was missing all of the vacuum hoses and pipes.


The one area I am struggling with; is trying to identify what internal diameter of hose I need that runs from the vacuum pump itself to the 'Y' piece.


It looks as though there is a reducer from the pump to the hose (the ID of the pump is around 8mm).


I suspect that the reducer from the pump would either go from 8mm - 6mm or 8mm - 4mm.


Would it make a difference to the system if I used a slightly smaller or larger diameter of hose than was originally spec'd?




Many thanks Mark.

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There are 2 Tee's.


One under the engine, near the pump that goes up to the brake vacuum res, and then a small hard line that runs under the engine and up to the right through the right firewall, above the right fuel tank and connects to another Tee there behind the right fuel tank.   That Tee has one hard line to the roof rail and goes all the way up to the heater controls in the dash.  The other part of the Tee goes to the relay panel in the boot, and provides vacuum for the EBPV and Throttle jack solenoids.


Diameter does not matter, the largest hose to the brake master is important though.


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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