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Other Cars?

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My list:-

1953 Morris Minor Convertible c/w Ford 1172cc Aquaplane conversion (Twin SUs and aluminium head engine)

1959 Ford Anglia (105E)

1961 Ford Anglia (Cortina GT engine RO style wheels, lowered).

1963 Ford Classic c/w the horrible 1340cc engine

1966 Opus kit car(made from 1955 Ford Anglia front suspension,Cortina engine/drive train, Mini front wheels.

1968 Lotus Elan +2

1971 Lotus Elan Drop Head SE **

1998 Chevy Blazer

1998 Honda CRV**

1987 Lotus Turbo Esprit HCI**

2000 Mazda Protege**

2002 Mazda Protege 5**

** Cars still in my possesion

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Top Posters In This Topic

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In date acquired order, from another old hooner:

1970: Suzuki 50 'sports' bike

1971: Austin A35

1972: Mini

1973: Austin A30

1974: Fiat 127

1975: Fiat 500

1977: Mazda 1000

1978: BMW 2002

1979: Triumph TR7 and Fiat 126

1981: VW Kombi/Transporter

1982: BMW 316

1983: Lotus 7 S4

1985: Rover 3500 and a Landrover

1986: Jaguar XJ-S V12 auto

1987: Modsports MG Midget racer

1988: Toyota MR2 (first new car. Hated and swapped for..) new Jaguar XJ-S 3.6 manual

1990: Lottie (first time - used daily to 1997) and an old Formula Ford racer

1991: Yamaha FZX motorbike

1992: Bentley S1 for the weekends

1997: Lottie laid up for overhaul. Bought a Saab 900 as daily

1999: Ford Fiesta XR2

2002: Sold Lottie as a restoration project. Real tears. Bad mistake.

2002: Mercedes 300CE and Yamaha V-Max bike

2004: Jaguar XJ-R

2006: Bought Lottie back. Happy again.

...still got the bike and the Jag too!

Proud recipient of the LEF 'Car of the Month Award' February 2008

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: "Wow, what a ride!!"

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WOW this is an old thread :D

I'll amend it a bit B)



"It's called a fire hydrant. Firemen like to stick their hose in it, and eventually squirt water from it."

Owner of 86 TE HCI, and 55 Chevy. Stare at broken down TR7

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2004 VW Sharan

2002 Lotus Elise S2

2000 BMW 320D

1986 BMW 325i

1967 Triumph GT6

1986 Pontiac Fiero

1973 Triumph GT6

1970 Triumph GT6

1969 Triumph Spitfire

1979 Fiat Spyder

1974 Spitfire 1500


1986 Lotus Turbo Esprit HCI

2005 BMW X3

2001 MINI One

1986 BMW R65



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From 1974 to Now

Malaguti Moped

Yamaha Motor Bike

(Passed bike test)

(Passed Car test)

Mini 850 - Best first car ever

Triumph 1500 - under powered my mum had a dolomite much better

Austin Maxi - company car no choice yuck

Honda Accord - excellent

Honda Accord Exec - even better - 50mpg on 2 star petrol.....yes I did say 2 star

Toyota Celica Supra


Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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present cars

88 saab SPG - 370 HP & it's my present track car. That is untill I can finally afford a Esprit :D

00 saab viggen - daily driver

97 dodge caravan - dog hauler

99 jeep wrangler - some offroad, snow removal & haul motorross bike

04 yukon XL - work & tow car to track

06 harley FLHTCUI - with XM :)

99 YZ 400f

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From start aged 14 by year of car..


1962 Austin Mini Seven

1964 Morris Mini

1972 Mini with Cooper 998 engine/roll cage etc

1972 MG Midget - dials everywhere - happy courting days

1974 Renault 5 - Happy college days

1978 Fiat X19 - Cool car but a rust bucket

1971 Lotus Europa (Renault Engine) - Amazing go cart but wrote it off on first downpoor

1969 Lotus Europa (Renault) - donor car to repair earlier write off..

1964 MGB roadster - saw an opportunity to make some fast cash.

1971 MGB roadster - It worked last time so it can (and did) again - the bliss of late 1980's classic car boom !

1986 Ford Escort XR3i - a proper car at last - the muts nuts in white (well it was the late 1980's)

1982 Mini 1000 - Boring but cheap to run

1989 Lotus Excel SE - A wonderful car but had to go when a Company car turned up

1986 Vauxhall Astra (Cheap run about)

1987 Vauxhall Astra (Company car list was not long..)

1995 Vauxhall Corsa GSI - very quick and fun company car (getting promoted a bit now)

1998 Merc SLK (Company car) - 90,000 miles in 2.5 years - I lived on the motorways..


1986 Lotus Esprit S3 (owned since early 1990's)

1998 Lotus Elise S1 - wife's car after not much persuasion (owned for 5 years)

2003 Merc 220 cdi Estate - Amazing for long trips up and down the motorways (owned from new)

2004 Mini Cooper S - Bought last week to drive to the station car park - seems nice but not a Lotus


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  • Gold FFM


1987 1.1 Ford Escort - company

1989 1.3 Ford Escort - company

1991 1.3 Ford Escort - company

1993 1.6 Ford Mondeo - company

1995 Vauxhall Cavallier SRI - company

1997 Honda Accord - company

1998 Honda Accord - company

2000 Ford Mondeo - company

2002 Ford Mondeo - company


1998 Ford Scorpio

2004 BMW Mini

1989 n/a Esprit


Edited by mayesprit

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Gratuitous picture thread!!!! :):P:P







I also have a Jeep Liberty:



And the most recent purchase:



Past cars: Too many to name. Probably around 30 total. :D

Tony K. :)


Esprit S1s #355H & 454H

Esprit S2.2  #324J

1991 Esprit SE

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Past of note:

Mk1 XR2

Citroen AX GT

VW Scirocco GTi

1970 Ford Fairmont (302 V8 Ford Engine)

1968 Mustang (Pre restricted)

Ford Sierra Cosworth (4 door sapphire)

Merc C220


Just buying Mrs a Honda Jazz 1.4sport

Me: Accord Exec, Civic 2.2 Sport & CRV (all company vehicles)

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


Distributor for 'Every Male' grooming products. (Discounts for any TLF members hairier than I am!)

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Current modes of transport:

Esprit GT3 (as of today)

Volvo S60

and for two wheels

Kawasaki ZRX1200R

and does the Giant SCR road bike count? Been to work on it a few times (30 mile round trip with pedal power!)

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Ah, so many nice cars....., alot of Ford I may note .

Mine :

TR7 in pearl white - sold

VW Rabbit, 1979, carb-injector, US-model, sold

Ford Escort RS1600i black-metallic, awaiting its revival

Cadillac Sedan de Ville '63, bronze-metallic, still in moms garage :-), have not touched it in 13 years!

Mercedes UNIMOG 404s, original french short base, 1964, mint!

Austin Healey 100/6, red, in parts.

Kawasaki GPZ500S, black.

Landrover Freelander TDi, green-metallic, sold

Ford Focus'05 stationwag.....-> my wife !

MAN KAT5 8x8 Patriot missile carrier ( without the missiles ! ) ITS BIG !

SIL157 Snowplow with a russian tank engine....

and many more military trucks

and LOTUS ESPRIT S4 1995 MY red !

Olaf S400 project



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Hey Olaf, how about a piccy of the MAN KAT5 - We'll improvise re : the patriots

These are old ones,( when we picked the monster up at the army), cant find the new ones now, but will post later :

She still needs major repainting. All the mechanical aspects are in good shape though.

Olaf S400 project



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Morris Cooper Mk1

GT6 Mk 3

MG Midget

Cooper S 1071

Cooper S 1275

Sunbeam TI

TKM 100

Works Sunbeam

Reliant Scimitar

Lotus Europa

Lotus Europa JPS

Lancia Delta 4x4

Lotus Commemorative No 75

Lotus S3 turbo JPS

Dhiatsu Charade Turbo

Lotus SE Chargecooler Red

Rover Tomkat 220 :P

Yamaha 600r

Mitsubishi Shogun 3.0 Auto :P

Suzuki Vitara :P

Ford Maverick :P

Porsche Supersport

Toyota Haice

Lotus SE Chargecooler

Ducati 748sp

Mondeo estate :lol:

Vauxhall Vectra 150

CR 250 M.crosser

Rover ZR 160

Suzuki GSXR 750

Lotus Esprit Development Mule

Lotus Exige

Rover ZR diesel

Lexus is 200 Sport

200 Animal pick up


Evolution 8 :(

Lotus Sport 300

Mitsubishi swb 4x4

Renault Scenic


What a waste of money!

I have to ask myself - 'do I feel lucky'?

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Lotus S3 turbo JPS

S3 JPS??? I'm curious now!

My list:

Mini 1000 - First car

Vauxhaul Belmont GSi :lol:

Fiat Uno

BMW 528i - Fell apart :P

BMW 535i - Kept breaking down

BMW 520i

Rover 216 Vitesse

Golf GTi (mk 3)

Honda Civic SRi

Honda Prelude 2.2 VTec - Brilliant engine

Rover 216 GSi

Lotus Elise S1 (Azure Blue) - First brand new car I ever bought :(

Lotus Elise S1 (Chrome Orange) - Ordered the day I collected the blue one

Porsche Boxster 2.5 (Ocean Blue)

Porsche Boxster 2.5 (Red)

Saab 93 Cabrio

Toyota MR2

Honda S2000 - brilliant

Merc 500SL - worst car I owned :P

Audi S3

Porsche Boxster S

Lotus Esprit V8 - Dream come true :P


Kawasaki GPz500

Kawazaki ZX10

Honda CBR600

Honda CBR900R Fireblade

Kawazaki ZX9R - Wrote it off :(

Ducati 748S

MV F4S Augusta - Got nicked :P

Kawazaki Z1000

Rob S
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Past cars- spot the point where I decided i wanted to be able to out accelerate milk floats (ten changed my mind again)

Ford Escort Mk2 1.1l

Peugeot 305 Diesel

Peugeot 106 1.1

Peugeot 106 1.1 (with 5 gears this time)

Peugeot 405

Peugeot 405 4x4

Peugeot 306 Diesel

Peugeot 306 S16

Lotus Europa Special- restoration still WIP*

## Porsche 911 carera 3.0 never went on the road.

Peugeot 406 V6*

Lotus Excel

Lotus Esprit S3*

Riley Elf*

Lotus Esprit Turbo*

Those marked * , I still have, planning to sell S3, finish Europa resto, restore Elf- possibly give to Niece.


p.s. my excuse for buying the V6 was to slow me down, why would I bother racing anybody if I know the family saloon will out run them? now I use it as it's great for towing the cars on a trailer

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My current cars in Belgium beside my lovely black Esprit :

BMW 645Ci '04


Porsche 911 Carrera 4S '02


Porsche 911 Carrera S '97 Vesuvio special edition


A bike for the sunny warm days Harley-Davidson Street Rod


My car in Florida beside the last Esprit ever build :

Dodge Magnum SRT8


Beside these "nice" cars I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee , a great 'beater" car.

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My daily driver is a Honda Civic coupe (Leased from the company)

Wife drives one from the enemy, a Lexus.


Cars I have owned:-

Reliant Regal


Bond Equipe

Lotus Elan S4

Mini Cooper

Elan +2

Dolomite Sprint





Vauxhall Senator

Triumph Acclaim

Audi 80

Renault Espaces

Ford Explorer,

Honda CRV

Honda Odyssey

Guess when the family started and when I moved to the States :)

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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