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2002 Esprit V8 speedometer problems

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Have a intermittent  speedo issue. First off its a VDO speedo with digital odometer. The speedo works fine registers speed properly needle is steady.The odometer is acting up when driving it starts to flash but nothing you can read just hash. It comes and goes. I have played with the button on the front I know how  to calibrate the speedo for up down adjustments. None of this helps. Looking at wiring to gauge now can't seem to find any issues. Could it be the circuit in the speedo any ideas or others with similar issue. Any recommended repair people in North America for VDO gauges or replacements of gauge.

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Hi Jamie,


Sorry I can't offer any assistance with this issue as I have only experienced the bouncing needle problem which was sorted by running a wire directly from the ECU to the odometer.

However, I can point you in the direction of a brand new OEM gauge which as been for sale for well over a year so he may be open to a more reasonable offer.


Have a search through the forum as I seem to recollect that Gunter had explored this one in the past and had offered some alternative sources?

Good luck

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Jamie, not sure where in Canada you are located.  I had good luck with this guy here in Calgary, although I just took a dash module in to his shop and had the repair done while I waited .


The repair was to my wife's Infiniti.  He entered the hex code in the electronic odometer to reset the correct mileage on a scrap yard replacement dash module i supplied.  I got the impression he could work on multiple brands of electronic speedometers.






PS  Was looking through your old posts, and read about your heater stepper motor issue.  I have exactly the same problem on my car, and the linkage keeps falling off the stepper motor shaft as the thing cycles. 


Did you get the issue resolved?  What donor car did you get a replacement stepper motor from?  I am having trouble finding any service info on the V8 heater controls.



Stu Calgary Alberta ' 69 Plus 2 '0 0 Esprit V8

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in deet, there are other VDO digital speedos with odometer (trip distance) element available on aftermarket. Mostly used for Tractors, Boats, Motorbikes and other stuff that runs with 'universal fit' round scale instruments can find them in different sizes, mostly 80-100mm diameter

.. look out for VDO*vision* design or the *classic* series, so if all repair fails you have to think about a additional insert to fit a different diameter speedo.


Some aftermarket shops exist, based in Europe and global  -think I've posted some links there in the forum. 

( just more examples here



Thing is that so far I've not found a way to solve the issue with my 'dancing odometer' element on the original speedo.


..luckiliy it just not happened last time, as the test engineer for the regular TÜV aproval looked onto the instruments to read the 'miles done' for the documentations I think in case of a dead element he would have asked 'a little more' about the whole speedo and all other points on the car  :D


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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