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dying interior trim

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Hi all,


I've got my heater back in and it is all working fine - this is a major milestone for my rebuild! Anyway I was about to reattach the two metal grilles that go on the screen vents, then it dawned on me this is the last chance i'll have to dye the surround at the bottom of the screen and the A pillars.


Mine is the "anthracite" finish, alledgedly black but mine has gone green with age.


I've dyed it already with brush on  fabric dye, I've tried a couple of things, it got a lot darker - but it's still not as black as I'd like it to be - there's still a bit of green tinge to it. One was a big bottle of fabric dye, the other was a small bottle of "punch" suede dye.


If it comes to it I'll leave it or give it another go with the dye I have. But if anyone knows of a good dye that will actually work and make the trim black please let me know.


Thanks, Mat.

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Thanks for the replies guys,


That dye looks like the stuff i've used, and the results look similar - a lot more black than it was but in my case still some green tinge to it. I'm replacing the whole interior with leather and vinyl parts, I much prefer that look, I really don't like the green. Long term if I really like the how the car turns out I'll get it retrimmed properly in leather but I don't want to put that amount of money into the car yet. When I retrim I might go for a cream, I saw an eclat riviera with a cream interior that Dave had in Enfield, the interior looked really nice.


So the good news is I only have the strip round the screen and the bit round the doors to do. My car is dark red and the green looks horrible to me, maybe with a yellow car the green trim wouldn't look as bad but I hate it!!!


I've seen "fabric paint" for T shirts etc, that you paint on then "iron to fix" for T shirts etc - ironing the interior of my car may be an issue(?)



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