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Radio Controlled Cars?

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Tamiya re released most of the cars,that was one of the reasons I stopped collecting.


I used to spend hours trying to find parts for a certain cars to make a complete car or even as in the case of the Hotshot 2 which I scratch built buying brand new bits of the net,only to find 6 months down the line Tamiya was going to re release it.


Hotshot , grasshopper, lunchbox, boomerang , avante ,sand rover , to name but a few that have been re released, I also found it a bit of a con at the priced they charged for them , after all all they needed to do was inject a bit of plastic in an existing mould :(   

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It is a shame for the collectors, they effectively took the value of a original collection and almost nullified it, like you said wiping out all your hard work.


I was a bit miffed when the Dyna Storm was announced as being re-released for that reason, I'd kept it near immaculate so as to preserve its value.


They have done some very wise business as far as profiting for themselves goes, I would think they pretty much all sold out very quickly at a high profit level too.


Still, it means I have the ability to buy an Avante, which is in itself pretty awesome. I'm so close to clicking the buy it now button but am thinking how better that £300 could be spent, like getting my motorbike back on the road, which would be a lot more fun I think.....


Mind you, seeing Ebony my dog, chasing an Avante around the garden with a bone tied to its back would be a pretty funny sight which I'm sure would take some time to tire from, plus it'd save waling her! :D

Chunky Lover

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Yellow and black beatties bags.... That was the place to shop in the UK.


Shame they closed down, last time i tried the web address is was a porn site!


My first part time job was in Virtual Reality in Cardiffs Capitol Shopping Centre. I held the highest score on the VR aircraft fighting simulator. Now they were cool! Based on an Amiga IIRC?


Its how I got my Dyna Storm as I had it trade price.

Chunky Lover

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I've had a carbon/alu 98 Octane gasoline 1:5 group c racer for some years. Spins 125 km/h at a racetrack. Cost a fortune to repair after each crash and there's very few tracks in Denmark to use it on, so I sold it.

I've got a nice old school Electric Graupner 911 in a smaller scale and a few airplanes no instead.




Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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