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Hi, are here some sprint owners around?


I would like to find a good picture of the original "sprint union jack" decal (or the sticker itself), which was usualy sticked on the rear LH side?


Thank's for every helpful information!



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Hi, if you don't get something more useful from another source, I've got a reasonable resolution photo in a book showing the size and location, it's black and white though, but I guess you should be able to work out the colours(!) I can scan it for you if you need.



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Sprint badge PDF - if it works!


ok it didn't work, I've sent you an email with the PDFs attached, I'll try converting to image files and sticking them on here, not sure what the resolution will end up at though.



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Hi - It's the book by Graham Robson called "Lotus since the 1970s" part 1 (I think), subtiled "elite, elcat excel and elan". ie all the front engine ones - there is another part with the esprit and V8 engine development.


I'll have a look at home, and post up the ISBN but a quick search of evilbay or maybe Amazon will find it. It has a red cover, A5  landscape format. An interesting read. This is a copy on ebay - although very expensive, I paid about £5 plus postage for a second hand one:



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