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V8 - Horn doesn't work! Rotary Connector?

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So the other day I discovered that my V8 horn doesn't work. I've got a car with the Pontiac SIR wheel.


I've checked the 20A fuse under the dash, and I've also removed the airbag and checked that the buttons aren't mush and that the contacts aren't loose. No problems in either case.


The guy I bought it from mentioned that he had a "glitchy" airbag light which would sometimes stay on, so he pulled the SIR connector under the dash on the driver's side and installed a timer on the dash light to go out after the initial blinking phase on startup. How responsible this is is another discussion...but he did mention the horn worked the last time he checked (this was prior to unplugging the airbag).


Does anyone know whether the yellow SIR contact coming out of the steering column under the dash also powers the horn? If not, where does the horn wiring go from the rotary connector? I know the bag and horn disappear into the rotary connector but after that I can't figure out what happens with the horn.


An internet search of the rotary connector shows 3 contacts on the device - one with 2 green wires for the horn buttons (wheel side), one with a yellow contact which plugs into the airbag unit itself (wheel side), and then another contact also with a yellow plug which I assume is what goes out behind the dash.


I'm suspecting the rotary connector might be fried, but I'd like to seek out simpler solutions in the meantime!


I could just plug in the airbag connector again and check but this might be a waste of time?


Thanks in advance!

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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Here I go again answering my own questions...


For future reference. If the horn doesn't work, and everything else checks out, check that the PO hasn't disconnect the SIR-contact under the dash (on the scuttle beam) - on SIR cars this contact powers both the driver side airbag as well as the horn.


Disconnection of the airbag can be performed at the wheel itself by loosening the screws, removing the crashpad, and unplugging the bag at the device.

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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