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Compatability of parts Elite S1 1975


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Worth noting for anyone searching the archives for info, that the smaller GT6 disc fits the eclat 520. Although most sprints were 520's there were some that were 521, using the bigger discs, brakes and wheels.


Also there are a number of eclat 520's with the 4 speeder and 13 inch wheels that were not sprints. It is the 520 marker rather than the "sprint" that makes the difference with regard to the discs.


Confusingly, in the US, the eclat itself was badged sprint. So if your in the US, ignore the above and look to see if your calipers are 2 pot or 3 pot.  The rule of thumb is that if you have the 3 pot Girling brake calipers - you need bigger discs. If you have the eclat 520 or eclat 520 sprint, the discs are the small ones from the GT6 with 2 pot calipers - (which i think were also specced on variants of elan?)

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Good idea to make this list! I know that the electric window motor comes from jaguar XJ6 mk 1.

An excellent addition to the list.

I can also add that the switches can be used too.


After a lead from a Forum member I purchased four XJ switches for £5 from eBay. They are dated with a manufacturing date of 1978 so not MK1.

They have six spades and are much more robust intermally. After stripping, cleaning, checking and a little lubrication it only took a few minutes with a multimeter to identify which three spades to use. The other spades I have taped off.

I am hoping to use one of the switches for the rear wash wipe as my car has a non standard replacement which just does not look correct in the dash panel. That is, as they say, a job for another day.

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An update to the list of compatible parts.


Washer jets that come through the grille in front of the screen are Escort MK2 slightly bent to shape by hand to fit,


Bonnet catches are Anglia 105E! where you would find replacements these days is another matter.

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