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Engine vents - grilles?

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Just a quick question.


On my 1988 Stevens Esprit NA there is a grille covering the vents from the air intake behind the drivers door to the engine bay on that side but nothing on the passenger side.


The parts diagram is not very clear on if there should be one on the passenger side or not.


Can anybody confirm either way?





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Its the same on mine. There's a grille on the drivers side as this channel leads to the air filter whereas the passenger side simply provides air to the engine bay.

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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Thanks Vanya, looks like there is nothing missing them.


Bit worrying as it could be an open invitation for kids to try and stuff things down the vents... hopefully not!

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From memory one ( the top I think) simply vents air into the area above the r/h tank.  On my car I think this is how the rain sodden air ended up above the tank and rotted out the ply panel above the tank.   I have bonded a spigot inside the grill and  piped  mine through the side of the engine bay side panel similar to the 2 l/h ear pipes to put more cool air in there.    I was going to pipe it direct to the filter but didn't want to channel rain laden air straight in.    Some one has fitted a drain pipe to the drum ontop of the tank that goes to the filter and piped that to the ear.

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That looks a nice installation Chris. Just the sort of thing I have in mind especially after the additional useful idea submitted by Malcolm.

Looks very professional. The grille material you used looks different to mine so I assume you didn't repurpose an OEM part from the other side of the car or did you?

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I should have added the drain to the intake silencer and piping it from ear to air filter box is not on my car but someone of the forum has done it.   I think I read a thread a few years back about it.

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