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Lotus Europa S Turbo Over-run


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I took my Lotus Europa S out for it's weekly spin this morning. All was fine to begin with but then it felt like the throttle was sticking but I think the turbo over-run is continuing after releasing the accelerator pedal. I tested blipping throttle and that was returning fine at a standstill.


Any suggestions as to what could be the cause and solution, or had a similar experience?


Many thanks,


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Weird. There's no connection between the throttle and the turbo....turbo can't "over run" as it's driven by the exhaust gas and if the throttle IS shut, then the exhaust gas volume goes down and the turbo turbine loses energy and ceases to provide power to the compressor. If the engine is producing power when you don't want it to, then the most likely thing is that the throttle IS sticking.

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Or if the car is fitted with a throttle jack (which I think it is), that could be getting over excited and working when it's not meant to be.

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Welcome to TLF Doyshe :welcome:


Wish I could help, but not knowing the Europa S setup, I'm not going to try and guess.


Drop over to the Introductions section and say hi in there as well and post up some pictures of your car. We're suckers for pictures. :)

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I have driven two Europa S now and they all seem to have the same problem.

If you let go the accelerator, the engine seems to rattle and shake a little and almost feels like the Waste gate is not opening.

The turbo is spooling down, working as an "exhaust brake".


I have not found a solution for the problem yet, but my initial thoughts are at the turbo wastegate actuator mechanism.

The problem seems to be become less when an external additional wastegate, operated by classic vacuum is fitted. I will start testing with different actuators next week.


The operation of the waste gate is slightly different than standard. There is a small vacuum reservoir, which is operated by two solenoids, which are operated by the engine ECU.


You could check if this problem also arrises with Astra VXR, as this engine is for 95 percent identical as fitted to this vehicle.

Exhaust and waterpump are the only different components on this engine (Z20LEH/Z20LER)

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Best place for Europa S information is often a facebook group as it seems to have the biggest concentration of owners reading of anywhere (plus Chris at Hofmann's sometimes reads and contributes, and he knows his stuff).


As LSV points out there are two solenoids involved in boost control - one by the turbo and one on the inlet side - they often play up but the most common failure symptom is a loss of boost - no idea if they could cause what you're seeing.


LSV - there is a "cattle grid" vibration that's common on Europas on throttle lift off (to varying degrees) - that's not what you mean is it? (It's the one Lotus claim can be fixed by changing an engine strap, but where quite a few owners have found that supposed fix doesn't actually help)

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I sold the esprit and have just acquired a Europa s 224hp.

It has two problems I would like to sort out.

The first is when I dip the clutch the engine revs up before the rpm drops as it should.

Secondly I do experience the "castle grid" effect as talked about in this post, we're is the engine strap?



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