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5th Gear Bio Fuel Exige

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Thank God for that

At last 5th Gear tonight have actually found something to be possitive about the Lotus Marque for a change

This was certainly a new slant aimed at the Green brigade and could be a winner so long as you can find the fuel !!!

Esprit HP in an Exige has got to be interesting. Was that the Lotus track on film ?????

Good to see some good publicity - really cheered up a very average Monday :D

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Yep that was at Hethel, anyone who knows anything about cars and what driving pleasure is all abut LOVES Lotus. Even JP admitted he liked the Europa, he just didn't think it was comfy enough...

Does look like fun though, nice article as well - skipped the rest (god bless digital TV, I didn't have to put up with butler-henderson, although she is even more annoying at x1.3 speed).

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I have to be honest, I agree with Killboy, is it a good thing to be praised by 5th gear?

5th Gear and Vroom Vroom are pretty much trying to be Top Gear clones, without the humour, knowledge or audience. The fact that it takes a green Lotus to get them supporting a British Marque, when we all know that they don't make a bad car, goes to support that opinion.

IMO.....bearing no relationship to anyone I know or work for.....(standard disclaimer)

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