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Petrolicious and Lotus


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Just saw this... Nice starting point to have Lotus more present in what is (IMO) a very good site for car nuts.


Their videos are very good. I hope they will also publish "Lotus videos" at some point...

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Just trying to embed here a vey nice video recently published by Petrolicious on facebook about the type 23.


Alain de Cadenet Drives The Lotus 23 At Speed"><div


Hope it works but I seem to struggle to play it from here. Will try differently if it doesn't.


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This interview of Mario Andretti published by Petrolicious makes an interesting read, IMO.

There are also some words on Enzo Ferrari and on Colin Chapman:

"Colin had the reputation he had because he wanted to give the driver every possible advantage, and he knew that weight was the issue. He was adamant about weight. Many times it crossed over and it cost the drivers, and I knew that. But I was not shy about making certain demands, I had an incredibly good relationship with his mechanics. Like Bob Dance.

I said to Bob, if you see anything in your own mind that Colin is trying to do that is just a little too radical, or a little too over the limit, please let me know. I told him I like to be reasonable, so I felt like I had a security blanket in that area away from some of Colin’s more out-there ideas. But I was always looking at Colin, there was a confidence aspect that he was doing everything possible to get you a winning car. He was a maverick for sure, but that’s what drove him. He was never one to sit on his laurels, he would get bored with the status quo.

He was very creative, very moody. You had to be with him at just the right time, which I was, because he had peaks and valleys in his own career because he was always trying to play outside the box, which sometimes didn’t work because he was too radical. But when he was right on, he was right on. And I enjoyed that part of it obviously, and took advantage of that by bringing home a world championship for Lotus."

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