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Tip of the Day !

Guest modifiedv8engines

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Guest modifiedv8engines

Tip of the Day


On Esprit V8 (or any Esprit with roll pin locators) when changing gearbox output shaft seals make sure you use the correct size roll pin punch.


Don’t do as I did and try and knock out the inner pin first with a smaller punch as it can and did lead to a broken length (20mm ) of carbon steel (very hard) punch stuck in the outer roll pin.


Those punches are as hard as a hard thing and even tungsten tipped drills wont touch the broken part of the pin punch. 2 snapped drills later …..and hitting the offending part with tapered punches from both ends and still no further forward.


I did however manage to solve the problem.


New set of Draper punches which are approx 200mm long so this gives a bit more punch to hold on to when knocking through. £20 quids worth of variable speed copy Dremel and a £2.99 carbide burr (3mm).


Slow process using frequent blasts with an air canister to clear the drilling dust. Took a couple of hours as its not easy sitting/kneeling over the gearbox tailhousing with driveshaft, exhausts etc in the way.


Drilled/ground away as deep as I could being careful not to grind into the shaft. Lubrication supplied by way of oil dripping through the shaft at the location of the roll pins. A few light taps with a hammer making sure the punch doesn’t get wedged and the roll pin dropped out.


Seems as though the broken part of the punch was wedging the roll pin open and trying to knock it through, was only making matters worse.


Could have been a much more time consuming and costly exercise !!


Another headache solved

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It's now considered acceptable practice to separate the driveshaft at the inner yoke to avoid your frustrating situation. Should there then be a need to remove the remnants of the shaft from the box, you'll have the box on the bench/floor and subsequent unhindered access to the roll pins.

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Guest modifiedv8engines

Used the wrong sized punches !!


When removing, both pins should be knocked out together so a 6mm should do it but probably a 5.9mm would be better. Lotus make a special tool for installationand removal of these pins which is probably expensive but will do the job without problems.

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There's (obviously) a Renault tool for the job too, although I haven't ever done any specific searching for it. From what I remember of my apprenticeship days there were two sizes of drift and each had a small dimple on its end to help locate it inside the pin.

Having said that, I suppose it makes sense to just use the larger of the two to biff them out.

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I smack 'em out one at a time with 2 sizes. Biggest issue for my part has been finding punches long enough - manage to get stuck right at the end. One strike too many and you've got a punch for a roll pin :S

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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