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Looking for advice re clutch replacement

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Hi guys!


My 2012 S is currently in the shop for a transmission swap. My dealer called earlier today letting me know that, if I was inclined to, they can also replace the clutch while everything is out. The cost would only be for the parts.


My car is a little over 2 yrs old and only has 24K miles; a majority of which are highway miles. The clutch doesn't get abused when driving.


Should I replace the clutch?


Clutch replacement would typically run around $5,500 USD I was quoted $1,700 for just the parts plus an hour of labor.


Thanks in advance for any input!!

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I passed on the clutch. Tech says there's plenty of material left and I should be fine. They just wanted to offer since everything was out.


The 'box is being replaced under warranty. Techs noticed an unusual noise that they pin pointed to be coming from the transmission. They believe it's the differential bearing.


Thanks guys!

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There has been an intense discussion on the German forum aboutthe Evora/Exige gearbox, summarized her:


I'm hopeful that i won't manifest into a real issue, but it would be good to know how many gearboxes have been exchanged. Mine was also, @ 30K Km - but probably without need as the clutch throwout bearing was the real culprit.

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I agree it's a waste throwing away a good clutch but given it's already had +20k on it why not cease the opportunity and be 100% sure?

New transmission deserves a new clutch in my book.

I'd negotiate the price, even buy the parts from the link above and supply them to the garage.

I'd do it for mechanical continuity and peace of mind. Long term gain for short term pain!

As for That sounds a bit dodgy claiming it's Lotus's next big whatever... Surprised Lotus's lawyers aren't on it stating what evidence do they have to make such a claim!

I'd personally like to know if there is a problem or not from Lotus? If there is surely they will rectify the issue through their supplier (Toyota!)...

If there's no problem then that website should remove that statement and rather offer the service "in the unlikely event".

Transmissions can and will fail but to make such a broad statement is unfair on Lotus Cars.

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Thomas is right on the Point that there was a big discussion on German Forum but I got the Impression that not a lot of Information was given but rumors (plenty of them, esp of People that even had never seen an Evora I guess....not an untypical behaviour in the mentioned Forum unfortunately)


Reading through the english speaking Forums within the last two years I do not get the Impression that there were a lot of gearbox Problems - if Jubu Performance has an alternative if you have a gearbox failure, fine, but I agree on aurouge that their broad Statement goes too far. 


I have also talked to my Lotus Service centre, a "series" of gearbox failure was unknown to them (and they take care for a lot of Evoras and Exige S)

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I'm not sure the Germans know their kerplunks from their getriebs. I was worried about the clutch on my car when I bought and had it changed as part of the deal but I simply have not heard of any widespread gearbox problems.

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Mike S

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