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I have only recently bought a very nice 1990 excel , very pleased.  but she is a bit smelly, it seems like exhaust coming inside the cabin and I think she s running to Rich, starts perfectly with no choke. So I have had a good look while she's been up on ramps, no trace of leaking exhaust. So I  'm thinking is the running rich and a bit of an exhaust smell connected. I know the carbs have been re jetted so I may think about changing them back to what was in them before.

So any advise welcome




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If it is a smell of petrol, I'd have a look at the rubber vent pipes in the boot from the fuel filler. The rubber perishes, the pipe breaks up and you just get a petrol smell hanging around the car.


If it is running a bit rich, unpop the airbox and remove the aircleaner element. Try running it without the aircleaner just for a minute or so and see if it runs a bit happier. If it does, replace the air filter.


My excel was spewing unburnt hydrcarbons everywhere and smelt like it was running incredibly rich when it was in for its MOT. All it needed a replacement air filter.


I'd also have a look at the fuel pipe to the carb with the ignition on and the bonnet up - check it for weeps and leaks and perishing.

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