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Esprit V8 Stalling

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Hi, I am new to the forum, I have had my 1996 v8 for about 18 months and it has been running great up until recently, not sure if my problem is O2 related as there are no fault codes, basically the car starts and runs well but about 1 munite on tick over or about 400 yards of running it either stalls completely or starts to misfire and seems to be running on reduced cylinders, if I dip the clutch and keep my foot to the floor it eventually clears after a few seconds at high revs, from there the engine runs flawlessly for hours until I stop and start when the whole process repeats itself, embarrassing from petrol stations etc, any clues?

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So... I took my old cats down to the local garage and for twenty pounds they removed the original lotus O2 sensors, cleaned them up and copper slipped the threads, then removed the brand new 02 non Lotus sensors that were fitted by a specialist with the new exhaust, whole job took less than an hour, fired her up and..... Completely different car, no lumpy idle, no misfire, ran a whole lot smoother, stopped and started then car 10 times with no issues at all, magic, seems like the V8 is very sensitive to 02 sensors.... If you have to change any then just buy the originals from Lotus, it's not worth trying to save a few quid and risking the nightmares I have had for the last 2 months, thanks to Iain for pointing me in right direction.

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