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1979 Yellow Lotus Eclat: My project thread


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The Eclat continues to hurt my simple brain. New wheel bearing, new hub carrier, new inner and outer UJs fitted and all torqued up to spec. Initial drive is short and I might be able to hear a noise on rotation, but then again I may just be imagining it.
Get home and jack the car back up to make sure everything is still tight and there's 12 o'clock movement when I push the wheel in towards the diff. Rotate the wheel 90 degrees and there's no movement anywhere, rotate another 90 degrees and it's back. put a jack under the hub carrier to simulate drive height - no movement ("obviously", some might say) Checked everything is torqued, including going as far as the inner driveshafts to driveshaft assembly, and all good.
I really don't want to believe another wheel bearing has failed on me :if it has the car may have to stay on jackstands for a while as I've just been throwing money at it recently and my wife will start to ask questions about why we're only eating rice and drinking water each day!


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