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Possible Air Conditioning Problems

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I had a run out in the Esprit today ( '96 S4s ) & when I got back home I switched the AC to make sure it all runs & keeps lubricated, but nothing.

I can hear the switch clicking on & the interior fan runs ok but the compressor's not engaging & engine fans not running. I then noticed the 'check engine' light was on ( first time I can remember this ever coming on )  Checked with Freescan & had code 35 ( idle speed error )

I left the engine ticking over & the engine fans came on ok about 90 degrees so I know they work & the tick-over seems fairly smooth. Car starts ok without having to press the throttle.

The IAC count was showing zero though at full engine temp while ticking over so need to sort this & I presume this would have caused the code 35 but would this cause AC not to work or just coincidence ?

The last time the system was re-gassed was August 2011 so I suppose that's the first thing to have done ? It was working ok about 2 or 3 weeks ago when I last was out for a run.


Any ideas / suggestions ?

Regards, Phil.




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yea same thing happened to me, it was just empty of gas.  mind you, when i refill it, it only lasts 6 months...cant find the damn leak.  it doesnt energise to protect the compressor, as the gas is also lubricant

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