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Electric Window Motor Question

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Good Afternoon,


yesterday i take off the Wintow Motors on my 1990 Turbo SE, because they was very slow.


The right one looks factory  and the left one looks like that Chevrolet one who can be used with Spacers.


What makes me wonder : BOTH have 10 teeths.


I looked at the Part shops and all just offers 8th teeth Motors , do i have something special or did

Lotus use 10+8 teeth Motors and 10 teeth unavaible?


Or does somebody in the past replace the worn out 8 teeth with 10 teeth and that is the reason why they are so slow?









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When I bought my 1988 Esprit the documentation that came with it included a service bulletin from Lotus concerning the window motors. In it there was mention that some cars had 8 teeth motors and some have 10 so I think that the motors you have are as specified when the car was built. I understand that uf you try and change between 8 and 10 teeth for the motor it will not mesh properly with the actual mechanism.

I also had slow motors and fixed them by cleaning out the motor of all the accumulated dirt, cleaning the commutator on the motor itself and using the popular relay mod to avoid passing the motor current through the switches which is probably the root cause if your problem.

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At some point they ran out of the original 10-tooth motors, which were then replaced by a similar motor with three mounting spacers, sold as a kit. One of yours was probably replaced sometime during its life.

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Thank you very much,i will try to reuse my old ones . Will part them clean them and gerade them too.

Cheers Harald

Just for knowing: If one oft my Motors die in the future can i still use my old Windowregulator or just replace them for 8teeth Motors?

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