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Replacing Disintegrated Muffler, what are my options?

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Like the title says.  I'm debating if I should replace just the muffler or get a whole new exhaust.  I currently have the stock exhaust that came with the 2000 V8s.  Maybe there's other options I'm not considering.



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A friend had to replace the Lotus cats on his 2003 Esprit V8 3 times... (all under warranty)


I think he finally went with metallic cats, rather than ceramic, and those lasted, as far as I heard.  he recently backed the car into a pole at 55mph... He was fine!


The 2003-2004 sport exhaust was just an empty muffler where the two pipes joined in an H to keep the engine from sounding like two 4 cylinders.   Sounded great!

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Vulcan Grey 89SE


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Try and get a quad exhaust or center exit for the same reasons Travis described - having two sound sources close together from different banks gave the final edition V8 its wonderful burble. The regular setup sounds really dull since they're separated.


You don't actually need a muffler in the conventional sense (no expansion chamber) - I have straight pipes and its really quiet, unlike the 4-cylinder cars... 


Whatever you do don't get factory cats, they're expensive and useless. Sportscats all round - better sound and longevity. 

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Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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