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? about broken windshield wiper

Guest richardg

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Guest richardg


Has anyone else had issues with the wiper blade not working. Of course this happend during a DOWNPOUR last night...not just a light shower...the ride home from Boston was interesting to say the least....but

When I turn it on, I can see the post moving back and forth, but tightening the nut that holds the blade to the gear post sticking out of the wiper motor doesn't help.

A striped blade assembly?

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time,


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Have you checked the ball-joint of the 2nd parallel post? If this get's loose, the wiper will not work properly...



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The shaft has a taper that the arm tightens down onto. The arm is of softer material so if it is slipping and the nut is tight then the internal taper on the arm is likely to be slogged out. Can you move the arm easily with the wiper switched off? If so this is likely.

Solution, new arm. Clean any residual material off the shaft before fitting arm. Use sharp knife not emery cloth as you don't want to alter the shape of the taper.

Alternatively if the wear is only just enough to stop it working and the arm is in otherwise good condition (check pivot points for slack) then use a Loctite or similar product.

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I had this last winter. The wiper arm slots onto a post that extends up from the bodywork. The post has a serrated circumfirence which engages into the arm. When it is then tightened up the 2 "grab" together. On mine though the metal serrations had worn away. Apparently this is very common due to the length of the wiper arm creating a great deal of friction hence pressure on the join. Once it starts to wear it deteriorates rapidly and starts slipping.

Solution. Previous posts are useful but it doesn't provide a permanent fix. The post is actually part of the "wheel gear box" which translates the drive from the windscreen wiper motor into the to and fro motion of the wiper post. I changed the wheel gear box for one from a later Exel which is identical apart from the fact that the post now engages into the arm using "spanner type" flats. Very strong and unlikely to wear again. You will need a new wiper arm also that has the equivalent fitting. I got this tip and parts from PNM Engineering, approx




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