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Dave Freeman

Speedo repair - broke the glass - bugger

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So I repaired the speedo today, but broke the glass. Bugger, what to do.

I had a spare rev counter so I pulled it apart and fitted the rev glass to the speedo - clever .......

Well almost, when removing the front bezel you have to lever the edge back all the way around then carefully remove the bezel with the glass, I heard it crack, so moral of story take your time.

So fitted the rev glass to the speedo by removing the trip knob (as the rev counter does not have one)

My tips

1. Take great care removing the bezel

2. When you refit the housing check the orientation of the illumination bulb holders, if you re fit it in the wrong position then the bulbs will bind on the clamp bracket when you re fit

3. The dials come out through the front of the dash, nice and easy.

So job done.

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