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Esprit S2 lower front wishbone modification

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As part of my restoration, I'm trying to figure out if my lower front wishbone is of the newer or older type. If it's the older one, looks like I'm going to have to get an uprated one from SJ.


From the SJ website:



Hints & tips

In 1977/8 Lotus found that the inner bush, which came with the lower wishbones they purchased from Opel, were not suitable for use on a Lotus. From approximately 1978 all the wishbones fitted to the Esprit were modified from the Opel specification to accept the far superior bush used on the Elite/Eclat range. The modification involves machining out the steel bush housing and welding in a new, larger bush housing tube. The pair of wishbones are then blasted and power coated gloss black. This new bush housing will then accept the original Lotus bushes for the Esprit A079C4038J, or the polyurethane replacements we also sell, SJ079C0021. This modification is very important. The Opel bush is useless. Lotus were still paying to have the lower wishbones changed under warranty in 1988, I did several. To identify if you have the modified wishbones, look to see how the bush housing tubes are fitted. The Opel ones are just pressed in. The modified ones are welded. The appearance of the bush is different as well. The Opel bush has a different shape at the front and rear of the wishbone, the Lotus one is symmetrical. Steve




Can anyone tell from these pics what the situation is with my car? Steve says he needs to see the "inner bush", not sure where this is? Will I only be able to tell once I've taken everything apart?









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on your last picture it shows the part that needs changing on the left. It looks like a solid tube but i believe its the outer casing of the bush, when mine came back a soild tube had been welded in its place, if this isnt done the poly bushes wont fit. I would say clean the area and if you cant see any weld then its probably not been done. Apparently the reason for the mod was the wishbone can twist. Paul

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Here's a picture of my original type. You can see there is no weld on the outside and the middle of the bush has a step in it...



Looking at your earlier photo the bush looks the same all the way down so I'd say it's a tube welded in.


The easiest way to find out is press it out. If it's original you will just end up with two big holes (but you can only press it out one way if it's original because as I said each end is a different diameter) and if it's later there will be a tube left.



Edited by Paul Coleman

Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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Jonas, the simple way to deal with this is to order the later, uprated bushes and then present them to your fabricator who can source the correct tubing to be welded into the arms. The sleeves must be tight enough that the bushes require a press for installation, as the Lotus is engineered accounting for torsional twist in the rubber between inner and outer sections of the bush. So the outer metal sleeve of the installed bush is locked in the welded arm sleeve ( interference fit ) , the inner sleeve for the bolt through the arm-chassis connection is torqued tight so pinched to the chassis pivot tubes, therefore arc movement of the arm causes twisting distortion of the rubber in the bush. 


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Thanks mate,

Yeh it turns out they are not modified, waiting for Steve at SJ to send the modified ones.

Was told 2-3 weeks (Was told that a set was at the painters or something), been 5 weeks with no dispatch, will be more like 6-8 weeks, possibly longer.

It’s holding up the rebuild now!!

Once I have them back I can finish the job!!



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