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Getrag gearbox tailshaft seal

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My Getrag box has always whined a bit but recently became louder.  Got under the car last weekend and the tailshaft seal is leaking. Can this be replaced by just removing the propshaft or do I have to remove the gearbox.

If the latter , does anyone know a good transmission specialist who can overhaul the box and replace the layshaft bearings?









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I'm fairly sure the gear box has to come out, there is not sufficient movement on the prop shaft to get it out from the back of the car if you disconnect the prop from the diff. The seal is internal to the gear box and I would think need to be out of the car to do. There is / was a gear box place in Kingston, it's on the Richmond Road by the railway bridge, on the left just as you leave Kingston heading towards Richmond. its been a few years since i lived over that part of the world so may have moved or gone out of business, I used them to rebuild my Anglia box many years ago and they did a good job and very reasonable as I remember.

There is also a Triumph place in Croydon who supplied some bits for my eclat, you get the choice of a Lotus part or a Triumph part, same part, different packaging, different price as well. I'll look up the name if you need it, i found them via google.


Best regards


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Hi John,


Kingston has changed and its all one way round the railway bridge but will Google local box specialists.


Replacing the oil seal sounds like another huge job to replace a small component.

If mine and Duncan's 3.05:1 diff builds ever materialise , there's real merit in dropping the box and diff   

In the meantime , I'll get the car higher so I can see more directly underneath the tailshaft and prop to see just how bad it is.


Being in Caterham, I guess you know Duncan?





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It seems to me, that my gearbox is leaking at the end. So, the typical suspect would be the tailshaft seal?

If so, does anybody has used some of this antileakingfluid for gearboxes before and has some experiences to tell?

I don´t want to do the engine off job now... :( ok. Don´t want to do it ever, but if I have to do it, then with more jobs to do then just this one (clutch, flywheel, exhaustmanifold....)

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So, you suggest: engine out? This will be with no doubt the best mechanical way... But all other jobs on the engine are done in the nearer past. So I really would like to expand the time to do it... I thought about something like this:

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